Prepared a 3/4 minute testimony for my baptism ceremony, but everyone before me spoke for a grand total of 20 seconds so I felt obliged to cut mine… Here is the full thing though! (After much previous cutting too…)


I first came to know of Christ through my sisters. They both attended church as they had been invited by their friends. When I was younger, my sister invited me for an Easter service, and I accepted Christ then. But at that time, I didn’t fully understand the sinners’ prayer and also didn’t continue going for regular services.

When I entered secondary school, I joined dance as my CCA. But, in dance, I was constantly falling behind my batch mates. I always felt inadequate and dreaded CCA tremendously. I tended to overthink all the little things, which led to me having headaches. Julia was my senior in dance, and I noticed that although she had many things on her plate, she was always cheerful. I began talking to her more and opened up to her about my insecurities. She invited me to church and that was the start of my refreshed relationship with God. I felt that God spoke to me through the worship songs and sermons and that really helped me walk out of my self-pity.

Just last year, I had to campaign to become House Captain. My campaign was inspired by a bible verse, which encouraged me very much because I knew God was running the race with me. The journey from campaigning, to actually becoming house captain and having to manage my new responsibilities was definitely difficult. We faced many setbacks, but at the very end, we miraculously emerged as House Champions. That proved to me that whoever God calls, He will also glorify.

Next, I choose to put my trust in God because of the promises He has revealed to me. I’ve wanted to become a doctor for some time now and my motivation stems from my desire to help those in less privileged countries. During the Festival of Praise conference just a month ago, we were praying for God to show us His plans for our lives. At that moment, He showed me two faces I had never seen before – one of an African woman and one of a young Asian girl. I believe those were the faces of people I will reach out to in the future, and that was His promise that I will one day go out to the mission field, and not just cure illnesses, but also spread the joy of the Lord.

Also, I’ve always prayed for my parents to come to know Christ, and recently they’ve started attending our church services. This year has honestly been very challenging for me and my family. There are definitely still times when I slip back into overthinking my problems, but the difference is that with God, I can find comfort in the truth that He has a the perfect plan for me.

The following is an extract that I wrote a few months back:

When you fight the right battles, God fights for you. You can have confidence that you have already won the victory. When you suffer, God sees your tears and your hurt, but find comfort in the fact that you can run to your Father empty handed, and he will always cover you with His love, and nothing can harm you when you are in His embrace. Our Father’s love always protects, always hopes, always trusts, always perseveres. Ask and you shall receive, seek Him, and you will not fall.

God is too big for any human heart or mind to fully understand, but because He has carried me through everything so far, I commit to put my faith in what is unseen, and my trust in Him alone.

I’ll end off with a line from one of my favourite songs: Faith makes a fool of what makes sense, but grace found my heart where logic ends.


Honestly life is so much better and easier with God. Today while I was ushering, my fellow usher was talking to me and he said if you focus on your problems it’ll be very hard, so just focus on God. Which is 100% true! God already has a perfect plan for you, and you trust God, so you believe in His plan and therefore there is really no real need to worry. Our human hearts just cannot fathom what He has in store, so just believeeeeee ❤




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