Omnom October :O

The past two weeks have been bittersweet in a very confusing way. Graduation draws ever closer but I still don’t feel that sentimental yet. It just feels like everything is slowing down, and the lack of things I need/want to do makes me feel lethargic. I’ve been going out very frequently with my friends (money fly away really I need to quit spending so much on food) and those days were genuinely happy days because every friend is so different and spending time with them one on one makes me feel very blessed to have them in my life. But then there are other moments where I am uncomfortable with the fact that I am settling into this new normal without my grandma. When I go running at the stadium all I picture is her walking along the track, or doing her morning exercise with the other aunties there. I think about which aunties were her friends. I see a grandma walking down the RIPAC steps; I see a grandpa bringing his grandkids home on the MRT and I just think and think and overthink. Life is pretty different because we don’t have to constantly rush home and we don’t have to consider where/what we can eat, and this different normal makes me want to reject it and crawl back to the yes, maybe more difficult, but the normal which contained my grandma. Didn’t mean for this to be so whiny but I’ve been thinking about it a lot and couldn’t find anyone to burden with my thoughts so here they shall go.

On to happier things! I’ve been stuffing myself way too much lately sigh @FAM !!! Really doesn’t help that I haven’t danced in half a year lol feeling hella blobby but also I love food too much to stop myself from eating sweet things all day every day.


One day Yq said she wanted to make ice cream cookie sandwiches … so we tried and got these diabetic dino oreo ice cream cookies


Mentaiko ramen with Shu!


Coffee options was such a good decision because 1. the teacher is so chill 2. we get to go cafe hopping 3. we learnt how to do latte art!!


Cafe hopping


A babyccino is just milk; don’t be fooled like I was.


$2+ apple pie that looked more like a char siew pie? But tasted pretty legit!


Bibimbap with KE!! Quite disappointed that we didn’t manage to eat at Joo Bar but ah wells saved a little bit of money and also got FAM heels with her!


Matcha ice cream ❤


Joe and Dough before water biking with Rach!


This was so much fun!! Can’t wait to go again 😀


And we finally went to eat our pokebowls after talking about them half a year ago.


On Jap study leave day, J and I made sushi burgers and watched some Taiwanese and Korean dramas. Obviously trying very hard not to fail but I don’t think we will la hahahaha.


I cooked myself lunch! And poached an egg too! 😀


Kumoya with J to celebrate end of Jap!


Far East Plaza has some really good food – I wish I had more time in RG to eat here. Then again, because I have been having so many free slots I have also been spending way too much money… November onwards shall be the time of saving.


Strictly pancakes with Nic!! Haven’t been here in a while but the pancakes are still as fluffy as ever 🙂


Wheat with Hazel after our *secret* seminar hahaha


And finally Gym Gala!! Pretty friend J


and pretty friend Wei ❤

Do you see what I mean by eating too much … omg legit can’t wait for internship to start so I stop. eating. like. a. pig!!! I’ve been watching the K2 and Doctors and it’s so weird that Doctors is inspiring me to study and become a doctor HAHAHA maybe I can mention that in my interviews? Some creative ways of learning about the profession lmao. Gonna try to find a balance between studying and playing, before JC hits and I go crazy again 🙂

Also feel a little inclined to get back into my YouTube channel because wtheck I have 600+ subscribers when I don’t even post anything nowadays. Plus I really enjoy editing videos, it’s just the filming that’s kinda troublesome. I think I will give up (since I haven’t been posting anyway) on my baking account … Idk it’s kind of stressful to have to keep baking and taking nice photos just to get more followers and likes, and I don’t want to post something if it doesn’t actually taste that great because then I just feel extremely fake. I feel as though I try to maintain all these channels to categorise different parts of my life, but then they just become overly public personas and become more of a burden than something for myself to enjoy. Also it’s not cool to just try very hard and be just average!! It feels like everyone around me has something that they are VVVV good at while I’m just trying to do so many things and not really being outstanding in anything at all.

At the same time I’m glad I now have a stronger relationship with God through my quiet time and altar calls etc. I think I am starting to understand his messages to me, and that is so exciting!!


Aren’t Psalmists the best writers ever?

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