Hong Kong 2k16

Can’t believe this trip actually happened since we only booked it slightly over a week ago, but it was a really great break from studying and school in general! It was great from the moment I got on the plane because I watched two incredible shows – Miracles from Heaven which actually made me cry … and Descendants of the Sun (yes half a year late but hey at least I made sure I finished my studying before I got myself addicted to a drama right!)

Miracles from Heaven was such a powerful show, especially since it was based on a real life event! I had read about the girl’s testimony before, but seeing it in movie form was impactful on another level. In a nutshell, it was about a little girl and her family’s struggle with a disease that rendered her unable to eat food, and she was on tubal feeding for quite a while, while her parents tried to do all in their power to cure her. They were a Christian family but her mom backslided because of this, BUT the girl was still steadfast in her faith. One day she was back home and climbing a tree with her sister, and she fell headfirst into a hole in the tree, down 30 metres. And everyone thought she would have died or sustained major injuries, but instead she was completely okay, without any injuries from her fall, and cured of her disease. She later told her parents that she had had an encounter with God while she was knocked out at the bottom of the hole, and that He had assured her she would be healed once she returned. I guess it sounds kinda dramatic and impossible, but it was based on a true story, and God does really work in ways we may not understand, and in situations our human minds deem impossible to get out of. Love God and the miracles He surrounds us with to remind us of His grace and unwavering love!

And then to stop myself from crying I decided to start watching DOTS since everyone had been 100% hooked on it a few months ago hahahah and I finished the whole drama in 5 days – good job me! Haven’t properly watched a show since P6 I think but this was so good idek why? This plot was really unrealistic but it was so so cute all the time hahaha. ❤

In Hk I basically walked a lot, ate a lot and watched DOTS… Haven’t gotten that much exercise in the past two months or so; I think my legs were really shocked. My favourite places were probably PMQ and the zoological and botanical gardens! PMQ was an old police building that is now converted into a space for designers to sell their work. It reminded me of Public Garden, except that it’s permanent and has two buildings and five stories worth of shops! The zoological and botanical gardens are atop the central-mid levels slope (?) so we took an escalator up and then walked down through the gardens 🙂 I love that the gardens are free and have so many monkeys! I would visit everyday if I lived in the vicinity 😦



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