Extreme Discomfort

My body is now covered head to toe in layers of calamine lotion and vicks vaporub. Not even kidding I literally mean head to toe because the hives are unrelenting and can really move anywhere, including my feet and my scalp and on my right eye oh my goodness. It spreads like wildfire and grows from a 0.5mm round welt to a sprawling as-large-as-my-thigh weal. E.g. this small dot on my elbow as now grown into a messy cluster in the short duration since I began this post :—–) It is so frustrating to have taken so many courses of medicine and see absolutely nothing working!!! This alternating hives-headache cycle is making me so unproductive, which is possibly one of the things I hate the most. Plus I can’t imagine having to take any exams in this condition PLUS I can’t study like this OH MY LORD HELP ME. E.G. I have wanted to study for the past 4 hours but all I’ve done is sleep on the floor, wake up, scratch my scalp uncontrollably in my half sleepy half extremely frustrated state, and google “urticaria cures”. My main issue is also that this is probably triggered by stress or something incurable like that, so it ain’t going away anytime soon lolololol :—-) Don’t even know the point of this post, I kind of feel I’ve already burdened all those willing to listen with my constant whining when there’s nothing they can do to help anyway.

Last point, it comes when I’m sleeping so I get a neat surprise when I wake up! LIKE REALLY thanks a lot body I thought you wanted rest???

I amused myself with these rage gifs.



In the time it took (8 minutes thereabouts) to write this, I now:

  • can’t fully bend my elbow because the weal has grown
  • developed one on my left arm
  • developed one on my right leg

Slowly giving up…..


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