Mid-term check

As usual, it’s been ages since I last blogged but I’ve been feeling like blogging recently so here I am! Thanks to the English department, I’ve been doing a lot of personal reflection for my personal essay (which I’m almost done with yay!) I realised I actually enjoy learning about myself because it startles me how seemingly insignificant events could have shaped me somehow and it’s just generally mind-blowing to take a step back and try to comprehend how I function. I think this would make more sense if you actually read my personal essay so maybe I’ll share it when the English department is done with it.

Moving on to updates! I just checked when I last blogged and actually it was just a month ago but it feels like so much has happened since then! E.g. I’ve stopped going for CCA, IHG season is over, I fell sick and recovered, I did a math paper (probably horribly, but I’m learning not to be too hard on myself), we’ve had our last House GM and many other small things in between! Our batch has also started using the #rgsweet16 and it’s so. surreal. that I’m graduating in omg 3 months. I still remember being all “CAN’T WAIT TO GET OUT” in Y1 but now that I’ve gotten used to it, and also because I’m 90% sure JC will be worse, I really don’t want to leave rg 😦 I mean, it can get really intense and pressure-cooker-like but I still wouldn’t trade my place in the school for anything else. Also because my class is filled with humans kids, they’re probably all going to take HP in JC while I drift off to BCME!!! Sigh pie it’s really nice being in a quirky class because we may all be different and odd, but everyone’s so accepting and loving so it’s a really nice environment. 🙂

The weeks ahead are going to be … quite draining! There are so many tests and projects scheduled for the rest of this term, and each deadline is very close to the next. Honestly not sure how I’m going to survive but the first four weeks zipped by so maybe the next six will zip by too and somehow I will make it through? It’s just 107 days till I’m done for good this year! Really can’t wait to finally not have to study and also to go intern!

Also because of my rather poor sleeping habits, I’ve been having an incessant headache. e.g. like now so I’m going to stop typing and go to sleep soon. Let me just add some photos so this post is not too boring.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

From our last CCA prac!Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetIMG_5255

Omg I really want some of this now 😦 Good stuff man tonkatsu with ooey gooey cheese!!!


New toy for handover during SLI this Thursday! Wishing Yuet Ruh many good sleeps even though Captaincy is a rollercoaster unlike any other. Oh this reminds me I need to write my SLI letters! MANY THINGS TO DO SIGH.


I played mini golf during an IHG! It’s so cool ahaha I’m really bad at it though.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Visited Alyssa’s house again after 2 years for Hari Raya! Food was as good as I remembered ❤


Last House GM! The Y2s are super cute and I think they are really enthu so I’m quite excited for the next 2 batches of House Comm!


We keep trying to take candid shots lel I think this one is quite legit.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

FUN TIMES hobbling around school in our yukatas!!! For Racial Harmony Day 🙂


House capts! What a lovely photo hehe.



Finally tried Hoshino Coffee after googling their menu a year ago? Yum yum good stuff.


Also tried the new crepe place at Far East before Jap! I really want to go back soon 😀


Lastly, I baked this morning. Woke up real early so I wouldn’t mess up my study schedule for the rest of the day. LELZ @ me I’m going to sleep now! Hope this was sufficiently entertaining for people who actually read my blog but I think I just sound quite woozy and all over the place because I am quite woozy right now. Gnight! 🙂


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