The most chill June yet! (and ever, I expect)

I D K WHERE THE HOLS WENT I’m in denial D: The four weeks really flew by :__( But I guess all good things have to come to an end!

I didn’t have to go back to school this holiday or rush to finish a lot of work, so it was majorly chill and I really liked that. I spent so much time sleeping, eating, baking, watching Youtube vids, using social media etc etc basically everything I dream of doing during the school term. I did approximately 5% of the studying I planned to do and I really feel quite sian that I didn’t stick to my study plan more strictly but at the same time I’m glad I took a break. (even though it was very long and luxurious lol) Many pictures coming up that make me wish I could relive my holiday!!!


Niki’s 16th party! Super thankful for the invite and chance to full out chill with the other capts, because it seems as though whenever we are together we are writing or vetting proposals. The only people who will shamelessly sit next to the food table and reach for cheese spring roll after makisan and then another cheese spring roll.


Finally made chocolate bark and mini-marathoned Harry Potter with Hazel!!


THIS!!!! REALLY FUN DAY AT USS with my favourite EXCO ahhhh after one year of stress we really had tons of fun at USS 🙂 So glad this trip actually happened and with full attendance too!!! And now I have a season pass so I can go again wheeheee I love Battlestar ❤

IMG_4634Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Karaoke with the 6/10 of the batch to celebrate the June babies’ birthdays? I mostly sang Taylor Swift songs but it was still a wild time hahaha #dancerscantsing


Ravioli from Mom’s birthday dinner! Good stuff.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I baked this cake!!! One of many things I baked this holiday ^^


And off to church camp yay spent every day with this girl lol too obsessed with the dog filter on snapchat.


Waded in the water and experienced quick (but slow) sand for the first time! Love this Zone a lot! Also got approximately 10 billion sandfly bites from this but I got many nice photos so is it worth it ha I think yes.



Steak! For Pa’s birthday 🙂


Because I like noodles and I am now in love with all things truffle, we also got truffle mac and cheese 🙂


This lovely bread. I have come to realise that when dining at expensive restaurants, more often than not, the bread or the appetiser will be my favourite dish lol what’s wrong with me.


Yq baked an Oreo cheesecake!!


Grain Traders with Rach! Love how we can fall back into comfortable conversation even though we only talk on Snapchat most days.


And because Rach loves granola but it is ex, we made our own. Four flavours HAHA I still have tons but Rach has already finished hers…


High tea buffet with my aunt and grandma! The curry puff is the best.


BEST PANCAKES IN SG with Nic!! It’s life changing I kid you not.


And then we had korean chicken HAHA.


My matcha lava cookies!


Finally went to Pompompurin cafe with J too! Everything was so cute ❤ ❤

IMG_5019Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Combined lead board camp! Was dreading it a bit… because I didn’t want to go back to school AHAHAH but it was really fun omg laser tag with this bunch!! I’m really good with the long distance one heehee.


Egg appetiser (see) from a restaurant at MBS! “Slow cooked organic (wah) egg with pork belly and truffle sauce” I still can’t figure out how they got an egg to look like this ^ … But another life changing dish that I will spend the rest of my life figuring out how to cook. Gotta get some truffle oil asap!!!


Will be sitting in class in … less than 12 hours oh Lord help me. I have evidently gotten too used to sleeping as much as I like because now when I wake up earlier than 9 I either go back to sleep later in the day OR have a massive headache HAHA. BUT I’m really really so HAPPY that this holiday was so relaxing! I got to spend time with some of my favourite rg friends OUTSIDE of school and just play and eat and not study. It also brought me back to place of sanity and joy after the wildest first semester, so I’m very thankful ❤ Many things to do now that school is starting again and I need to snap out of this holiday asap and get back to work!! I really hope I will be less distracted and stop dreaming of baking and shopping. There’s a time and place for that and that is NOVEMBER/DECEMBER yay just 6 more months! Please please let me focus and learn to love studying ahh I can do it >:-D (this is the best determined face emoji I can type) God please guide me through thank you!


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