Essenza d’Espressione

Can’t believe it’s 1st June and I’ve survived everything in the past 5 months of 2016!! Concert yesterday on the 31st was the last box I had to cross out on my calendar and it’s finally done ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

This concert was really rather stressful to put up and the stress was so unequally distributed I feel really bad for our two chairs! 😦 There were so many things they had to do on top of their other commitments and at times it really seemed like nobody else was helping them get things done. I guess it’s times like this that show who is willing to step forward and help, and who would just sit passively/do the minimum. Even so, I’m glad everything worked out in the end and we still put together a concert we were all proud of!

My favourite item was the tree dance (new normal, but we never call it that). I didn’t expect to be selected when the seniors held the mini auditions, but I’m so thankful that I was! I really looked forward to every single alumni prac because the two of them are so funny and approachable and they somehow managed to work with Y1-4 dancers and create a spectacular item. It was an entirely different experience learning from them as a Y4, from learning from them as a Y1 ahhh I remember how scared of them I used to be, just 3.5 years ago :’)


Tree dancers with our drinks from our favourite chill@ri

I’m also quite proud of finale!! Shoutout to the Y3s for choreographing half of it! I think y’all are a very amazing and driven batch and you guys are so ready to lead the CCA. All the extra pracs at Scape were really worth it because we improved so much since our GBTB performance! Thank you blow dancers for all the effort you put in ❤ ❤

Tbh I’m not feeling a lot of withdrawal symptoms and this is quite anti-climatic for a last concert 😦 I wish we had the chance to do a batch dance, because I’m not even sure when our last batch dance was! I think a lot of the bonds forged through this concert were between batches, and that’s definitely very precious as well 🙂 Also the Y1s are the sweetest batch ever ahh they gave us food (based on our preferences !!) and roses and boards with envelopes containing notes from every single one of their batch! ❤ It was a tough journey but the CCA made it a worthy one :’)IMG_4389

Also I definitely got even closer to some of my batch mates (y’all know who you are) through all the ranting and sos-ing haha ❤ ❤ we made it through together!! I will miss braidotes so so much for the rest of the year and for jc too 😦


Thank you to everyone who came to watch!! We hope we didn’t disappoint 🙂


Sooooo it’s been a pretty long journey but Essenza is finally over!!! Good job dancers so proud of everybody ❤

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