The Brightest and Strongest Flames Always Burn BLUE

These two weeks have been quite crazy and scary and today has been an emotional rollercoaster but it ended on a high! There is so much I need to say so this is my attempt to put my heart into words.

Sportsfest this year was really stressful because both Ashley and I felt this need to preserve our winning streak, and it got worse when it was revealed that we weren’t in the top three after calculating the scores for the finals of the earlier events. We were so determined to at least place because we knew sf challenge and cheering were a big component as well!

Our EXCO really planned quite a few new initiatives for sf this year to #richardupyourgame like a super pretty banner and some HSM paper flipping thing for our cheer segment. We really tried our best to reach out to every single Richardsonian through our Instagram, spammy (sorry) emails and handwritten letters urging everyone to go down and play!

This drive to do better was actually fuelled by our Y1s. In one house practice where they did their teen athletics IHG, they won second and I was already quite proud of them! So I texted them to say good job and their reply was that they had hoped for first. I was really quite stunned because it is so rare to see this competitiveness and desire to do well for our house. It made me realise that the Y1s cared deeply about our house, even if they may not scream the loudest all the time. Their Instagram posts and texts also always show me that they really enjoy house pracs and appreciate the work of house comm. We all know that house spirit dies slowly as we move on to upper sec and become more apathetic and cynical, but I really didn’t want the sian-ness of upper sec to kill this house spirit the Y1s had.

In the week leading up to sf, EXCO really upped our game and thought of many last minute things we could do to get the house hyped up for sf. I’m so proud of our video ( HAHA we all look so tired but I know we meant every word we said. We tried to involve every Richardsonian through our HSM paper flipping today, and also fun fact: the Y1s names are on the cheerleaders’ chain! Chels and I kept returning to the stands today to encourage Richardsonians to go down and play (soz if we were annoying) but it was great to see so few of you there, and those of you who were there were mostly just taking a break after already playing games! We also shamelessly kept cheering in an attempt to increase our points for the cheering component eheheh thank you for responding well 🙂

I’m not going to lie and say I’m completely over not winning overall sf champs, because Ash and I both felt very disappointed about not continuing the streak. Also, sorry for breaking down!!! It’s been really stressful ahaha and House Comm and EXCO have really given it our all this time, so it was disappointing to see that our efforts didn’t translate into sf champs. The last time I felt really emotionally invested in something was drama fest last year, but this was really an all time high. I’m so thankful that I wasn’t in it alone, because so many of our EXCO members and house comm members have been working behind the scenes to bring all our initiatives to you! They have done it without complaint, responding to super last minute plans and working on them late into the night (you know who you are :-))

After sobbing my heart out (soz again I was such a wreck), I realised the Sportsfest Challenge 1st actually meant so much more than overall champs, because sf challenge was something that every Richardsonian could take part in. You didn’t have to be a runner or be athletic, you just had to be willing to go down and participate in the games. Chels actually told me quite early on that she had gone to check with the station mistresses (haha love you Chels I now trust your judgement completely) and that Richardson had been first at many stations by a very wide margin! We were actually panicking because when we were queueing for the games we didn’t see many blue peeps around playing, but I guess you guys actually were, and y’all all did super well too!!!

Sf challenge 1st also shows me that house comm’s efforts were not for nothing, because you must have felt that it was possible for us to turn the tables. Thank you very very much for responding to our initiatives! It spurs us on to do even more for house, and continue building up the house spirit I know we all felt today.

Also, thank you to everyone who came to comfort and hug me on the field HAHA ahhh it was so embarrassing but thank you for the kind words and hugs and photo requests (never felt so popular before HAHAHA). Y1s I don’t know enough of you personally, but you all make me feel very blessed to have gotten you as our Richardson classes! Your hugs were so unexpected but sooooo touching, you really have no idea :”) And to the ex-SLTs, thank you for working with our buddy groups to give encouragement packs to house comm! I’ve never seen anything like it happen before and we are so grateful! Thank you to all the Richardsonians, no matter slightly familiar faces or very familiar faces, for coming up to tell house comm that it was alright that we didn’t place, and that we have already done so much for our house. Today’s house spirit was unlike any other house, and unlike any previous years for our own house. It doesn’t matter that we didn’t win overall champs, because I know that what house comm has achieved so far this year is already a big big improvement from last time and that all our effort was worth it. Thank you house comm, cheerleaders and Richardsonians for everything you do for our house ❤

Thank you Richardson for finishing our sentence so very proudly when house comm said, “The brightest and strongest flames…




4 thoughts on “The Brightest and Strongest Flames Always Burn BLUE

  1. Love you so much YH!! Words cannot truly express my gratitude towards you and House Comm<3 So glad we've been through all of this together – I really wouldn't have it any other way. :')

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