Sweet Sixteen

I spent last Friday in school, doing a Jap test, and then going for an overnight House camp 🙂 Not exactly how I would like to spend my sixteenth birthday but I’m really grateful to everybody who planned surprises and made the day an unforgettable one!

My 113/213 friends + house comm surprised me in the morning with a cake in the canteen! I really wasn’t expecting it so thanks J for coordinating!! Haven’t seen the nincompoops altogether in so long and it reminded me of how much I miss 213 😥 also thank you Rach for the matcha cake – it was really delicious even though I got a sore throat after that that escalated into a fever and then now a cough and runny nose HAHA. I get sick on my birthday every year lolz but it’s learning journey week now so I don’t wanna miss school!!!


After school my Chinese family (comettos) sang me a special primary school version of happy birthday:
Happy birthday to you
You were born in the zoo
You look like a monkey
And you smell like one too

I love my friends ❤
Thank you guys for the pretty cork board too hehe it’s up on my wall!!
Then at the cafe, my friends from 407 sang me a song too x)) by now I was carrying the giant helium cupcake balloon so everyone was staring eeps. I appreciate all the food y’all have me!! Especially the happiness and funny jars it’s such a sweet present ❤

Jap friends gave me presents too and we spent our lunch talking and laughing rather carefreely unlike our usual quick lunches + studying after if we had a test. I think we are all beyond being super stressed for CAs especially since only prelims and Os are counted for Jap this year. Anyway I felt the test was okay-ish (still not gonna do well) but lol listening is a confirmed 0.

After Jap, J and I went back to school for house camp!! Where I spent the night + next day lelz but I got another cake from COZIFAM ❤ Y’all are autocorrect caps on my phone.
On Sunday night I finally got to see the cake that Yq ordered but didn’t give me any details about. I was so excited when I found out it was from litying!! It was a really funny cake to cut HAHA we cut it in half horizontally before cutting slices because the feuilletine was too hard and the marshmallows were impossible to cut through. It was a banana and chocolate flavoured cake and it was quite yummy! Especially the macaroons 🙂 I would have preferred more sponge though, and next year I’m going back to coco exotic or some other off the shelf cake! Will just stick the wooden monkey cake topper in whatever I get 🙂 but thanks Yq for the cake!! ❤
IMG_3021Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIMG_3035IMG_3054
This is turning into birthday week but the last birthday celebration was on Wednesday night! We went to Aura at the National Gallery 🙂 The ambience and food and service were all really good so 9/10 would recommend for a special occasion! I’d been craving pasta for really long and I finally had ravioli yesterday. Apart from that the tuna tartare was also super yum.
After all the birthday celebrations and cards I received, what I felt the most was the love that is always there but is just expressed more explicitly on birthdays. I’m very thankful to have been blessed with so many genuine friendships that have lasted time and space, like friendships from Rosyth and from 213! Even though everyone is stressed out and bogged down by Y4, meeting up and laughing just helps to remind me that I’m not in this alone and school is not all work and no play. Rgs may have been a challenge but I’m going to miss this so much next year 😥 My senior said because RI is so big she hardly sees the same friends around anymore and it really shows you who your real friends are and who you will set aside time to meet specifically! So I’m going to treasure the remaining time in rg and make the most out of it in terms of strengthening friendships 🙂

I’m also infinitely thankful to my family for always being my constant pillars of support at home. On one hand I’m excited to be growing up (quite quickly?) because I’m looking forward to uni actually! Looks like a lot of fun from Yq’s and Yx’s pics + hard work behind the scenes haha. But on the other hand growing up means more responsibilities and I think I have enough for now x)

Thank you to everyone I’ve met along the way, for making the past 16 years such an adventure ❤


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