Start of an end, Jan 2016

(This is for you Diwei)

Where has January gone 😮 I can’t decide if I’m glad that I’m 1/12 done with this year or if I should be alarmed at how quickly the exams are coming at me. This year has already been so much more hectic than I ever imagined. I would say I started it off on a pretty good note by sticking to the goals I set for myself, but I’m starting to lose sight of the master calendar for the year and being overwhelmed by the never-ending daily piles of work. Telling myself I’m going to finish everything as soon as possible also doesn’t work when I just fall asleep on my desk…


House has been a big part of this year thus far! Some nights are just spent on House work till 10ish (or 1ish…) and then I start on homework haha ha. It can get frustrating sometimes, but working together with House Comm on every little initiative is super fun! Also, realising that this work is meant to impact such a large group of people means I can’t push it aside and do something else. I was rather nervous before House Practice 1, but then I met my buddy group Y1s and they are so cute! They named themselves Richardson Roti Prata haha. I’m also so grateful to have such outgoing House Commers and SLTs in the buddy group! It helps so much in easing the Y1s into House and I hope all of them grow to love House more and more ❤ Really exciting for the coming House Prac and seeing all of them again!

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Cozifam after orientation concert


Leadboard heads!


After Orientation Challenge!


Farewell to our House teachers Ms Lee and Mr Foo :-(((

FullSizeRender 2

Roti Prata

IMG_2574 2

House Comm!!! <3333


Such a bad photo omg but Y4s

IMG_2598 2

EXCO + Banners!

CCA has also been oddly fun this past month! I remember dreading CCA a lot in Y1, but this dislike decreased each year and now I really love dance. It has been pretty slack this past month because we kept watching the juniors work on their CNY piece! It was really well put together – we’re so proud of them :’) But last prac we did 2 hours of improv w o w I wasn’t expecting it!! I love improv though – partly because it doesn’t require memory work and laoshi encourages us to not use technique and just be as wild as we need to be. Concert is coming up so soon and I’m both excited and terribly anxious because there’s so much to do! I love both our batch item and the Y1 batch item that Shu and I are choreo-ing hehe. In Y1 I just wanted to quit in Y2, and between Y2 and Y3 I just couldn’t wait to step down in Y4 but now I don’t ever want this to end 😦



Recreating this photo every year

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Y2s-Y4s!! Y1s coming on Thursday hehe

Our batch outing (missing Shu :-() to Botanic Gardens! This started off as an idea for a CNY lunch but evolved into a picnic and photo-taking session haha. Much love for this bunch! Not looking to forward to us splitting up in JC 😦 We were so protective of our batch in Y3 haha and so against the idea of anyone new joining us because we just couldn’t imagine altering any part of Braidotes. Another reason why I don’t want to leave this CCA urgh D-:

FullSizeRender 5

V successful chill picnic!


That’s Chopin



Jump shot with Yixuan!

After CNY celebrations in school, we went to meet Jing for a Comettos/Chinese family tuan yuan fan! Ate at Wimbly Lu hehe finally tried their waffles 🙂 It was q yum but nothing super special! It was a v cozy space and great catch-up session though! Probably said this 1 billion times already but I think it’s amazing how we seemingly just pick up where we left off last time and have comfortable convos like we used to in primary school.


FullSizeRender 4

Colour scheme super on point IMO!!

Eeps not much to say for January evidently!! Sigh so many seniors said Y4 was easier but really… I don’t think so HAHA. Just thankful for people around me for being so understanding and tolerant of my temperament!! Am struggling along.


tumblr_n8rxafMeG21rzadffo1_1280 copy


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