Twenty Fifteen to Sixteen

Ello 🙂 Last post for 2015! Not ready AT ALL to be 16/Y4 I still feel like a Y1 hello how has time passed so quickly?? Too many things have happened this year that I would never have imagined happening this time last year. I never really expect myself to be able to accomplish big things and I really went into 2015 just hoping to get by, grades wise and friends wise, but WOW God had His own plans haha! Going into Y3 I really just wanted to get decent grades and make good friends in class, and I guess I managed to achieve that, but in the end it’s always the unquantifiable memories that define the highs and lows, and make the year what it was.

Just realised how important my Instagram is in documenting significant moments because I just had to scroll through my feed to recall what stood out for me this year. (Definitely can’t just keep posting white pictures anymore because I can’t guarantee a white wall at every event and people are more important than aesthetic feeds mhm.) I posted many pictures of food so obviously food was a great big part of my year that I couldn’t have done without haha jk. Some super important people that got me through the year were my family, cell group, dance batch, classmates, jap classmates and house comm ❤ It’s like a giant roster thing where I just go through the week and count on different people to keep pushing me forward. I’m eternally grateful to everybody that’s been a part of 2015 for sticking by me when I was a horrible person to be around and when I wasn’t quite reciprocating the care and love given to me. I’ve definitely learnt many things about loving people back and can only hope to grow from all my mistakes!

This year I embarked on a youth for causes project with 3 other teammates, raising funds and awareness for the Singapore Children’s Society. While it demanded a high level of commitment and was very very draining, I’m so glad to have spent part of the year contributing to such a worthy cause. YFC was a great platform for me to work on something art-related, do something that wasn’t for school and work with my friends to give back to our country, so it definitely isn’t something I regret doing. As with many other things this year, I wasn’t fully aware of what I was signing up for, but thank God for carrying me through anyway and blessing me with such a wonderful team to work with!

House was another great big part of 2015 that was, very honestly, completely unexpected. As an SLT in house last year and an “EXCO-in-training” earlier this year, I never saw myself as stepping up to fill a bigger role. I guess I doubted myself a lot and saw my incompetencies before my strengths, where others already seemed like they had everything planned and sorted out. On this, I am truly thankful to my seniors, batch mates and juniors for their faith in me and their willingness to help me in campaigning. I can’t express how grateful I am for them for believing in me more than I believed in myself and for giving me the courage to press on and give it a shot. Although I definitely still have a lot of self doubt to overcome and a mighty long road ahead, I thank God for giving me this space to make mistakes, to learn, to help others along and to grow. Really so so nervous at the thought of all that awaits in 2016 but grace has carried me here, and by grace I WILL carry on!

I’ve built many new friendships and strengthened previous ones and I hope this will continue in 2016! I still really miss my Y1/2 classmates but I’m so glad we still met this year for our annual secret santa and are still as comfortable with each other as ever. It’s also so exciting to see all of us stepping up and growing in our own ways! We’ve definitely come a really long way from our Y1 nincompoop selves. Also thankful for comettos/chinese family (primary school friends) because even though we meet super rarely for our birthdays or on other holidays, we still manage to find common topics and laugh over the tiniest and dumbest things! Dance has always been a constant and my batch mates are some of my closest friends. I love how we are all so comfortable with every one else and how fun CCA has become! Next year will be crazy with concert and us as Y4s (ha ha ha good luck to us) but I’m sure we will pull through and put up a brilliant dance concert! As for my new 307/407 friends, I’m so relieved I made friends haha. No kidding though thank God for the people I eat with at recess, sit with during class and study with after school, they make our sometimes mundane and too often seemingly hopeless studies so much better! And lastly major thank you to God for Chlolo+/cell group! I’ve only been going to church for slightly over a year but these people make me feel so at home and are so passionate about serving God and loving God’s people.

I’ve been typing this for half an hour now and it’s almost 2016 and GOSH I’M NOT READY HOW but thank you everybody for a wonderful year of twists and turns that I somehow got through (all glory to God) and here’s to an even more splendid year ahead! I pray that I will grow as much as I have this year, if not more and that I won’t crumble too much over defeat because when I am weak then He is strong 🙂 Thank you everybody for the memories this year (still gotta blog about Japan oh gosh). Till next year!! ❤

Lots of love, Yh.

2 thoughts on “Twenty Fifteen to Sixteen

  1. Well done for a fifteen year old to pack so much in 1 year. Don’t underestimate yourself and continue to grow in your faith. May God bless you for a fruitful 2016!

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