Baking and Feasting

December is definitely a month of feasting for me 😦 It’s already the last month of the hols 😮 How did we even get so far along in the year? I’ve been baking and eating tons in the past 10 days of December but it’s been a restful past couple of days 🙂

We went to Lynn’s house to bake (very fail chocolate tarts that don’t deserve a feature) and decorate a birthday cake for Wei! Lynn’s mom very kindly baked a chiffon cake for us to use as a base for our horrendous graffiti design haha. Then we watched Kingsman! V thankful for this sarcastic and destructive lot.IMG_1295

Spent a day at edge conference! It was a three day conference organised by the youth ministry at Victory Family Centre. Even though I only went on one of the days, I was really blown away by how well put together everything was, from the games after lunch to the worship team to the merchandise aesthetic! Of course the sermon messages were also really impactful and shed new light on verses I’d merely glossed over previously.


After taking a really really hard JLPT test, we went out for a family dinner at Basilico!! I’d been craving all things sweet for the entire week so I kind of lost control and ate everything.


My favourite thing was the ice cream! Even plain ol’ vanilla was super yummy. ❤


Feasted the next night again at Mezza9! I ordered a yakitori dish thinking it would be six skewers on a plate but this turned out to be the dish with the best presentation haha. Was also really confused by the side of raw vegetables LEL I dipped them in miso and then chilli flakes HAHA. Definitely not your normal tori-q yakitori!


We ordered the flower pot ice cream very excitedly but the presentation was less than spectacular :-/ It tasted okayish only too but I guess that’s because salted caramel isn’t my favourite flavour plus the biscuit crumbs on top that were supposed to look like soil just gave the dessert a strange texture.


Chillest day! I baked donuts in the morning and then spent 5 glorious hours painting a Christmas card. Also watched Zoella and ate tauhuey with peanuts on top ❤ bliss

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This photo makes them look decent but they were really flat and hard after being in the fridge for the whole day 😦 These were baked donuts because I had been craving donuts haha lesson learnt is to just buy what I’m craving instead of trying to recreate them and make them more healthy too. On the bright side, I’m learning to like cinnamon sugar hehe which means more churros options!


Yesterday I met my mom for lunch at PS Cafe because she wanted to try it haha and we got a burger and a salad and mushroom soup!  Everything was really delicious but we had way too many fries. And we had to get dessert after that because the cakes were just there like 1 metre away from us and they all looked amazing. We got this one called Chocolate (Nut??) Doorstop (?) and it was really yummy!


Met the nincompoops for our annual secret santa! We played some card games and did the spicy noodle challenge. It’s super popular on YouTube hehe. Basically we ate this super spicy Korean instant noodles. The challenge is to 1. not drink anything while finishing it 2. to finish it 3. bonus: finish it as fast as possible. Rach was really good at it haha she ate everything super fast and didn’t drink while the rest of us were just dying. I ate everything with one cheat sip!! Big thanks to Bev for letting us crash your house ❤

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetIMG_1468IMG_1472

Just today, Soph, Xuan and Jiayi came over to bake! It’s Soph’s birthday today (happy bday soph if you’re reading this :)) so we decided to bake her a cake! We made a funfetti birthday cake which is just vanilla plus sprinkles hehe but you can’t see the cake layers in this picture anyway. We were lazy and bought Pillsbury ready made icing but it was too sweet for life 😦 Shall always make my own icing from now on! The cake looked really pretty though we’re all super proud of it!


We also made cream puffs and eclairs!


It’s been a really relaxing past week and I’m not ready for school to start so soon eeps!! At least I have the last two weeks of December to hardcore chill in Japan hehehehe I’m so excited!!!


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