Happy Pracs

Pt 3: There were quite a few dance pracs this month and none for next month till 31st dec but I probs can’t make it for that one because I’m flying back then! Dance used to be quite stressful because of the people and environment but I’m so glad it’s not anymore hehe I love my batch and laoshi is getting funnier and happier in general 🙂

Soph bought these customised M&Ms for us from New York!IMG_0831IMG_0843Went out with Soph and Shu one day after prac to eat maki-san but I had a free voucher for B&Js so lol got that too.IMG_0952IMG_0959We already planned our next order for when we go back hehe 😀 IMG_1001This cool art corridor thing at the Tube at Orchard Gateway!IMG_0962

By the last prac only 4 of our 10 batch mates were present lel but it was fun nonetheless and an incredibly slack prac because we were stuck on one movement from one exercise for super long!

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