Baking Spree

Pt 2: I guess I felt like I needed to make up for the entire year of not baking enough and the high possibility of not baking enough next year as well… but I had way too many baked goods in my house and I was the only one eating them like siao to get them out of the way and make more ha ha ha.

Lemon tart! The eyes and nose are not real but the ears are okay. I THINK I used this recipe: But Yq says lemon tarts are filled with lemon curd and this was not lemon curd so I’ll try again someday when I make more lemon tarts!IMG_0696

Penaut butter crinkle cookies! I didn’t get these right 😦 They were too dry meh and not peanut-ty enough so lots of room for improvement! Recipe:

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Cheesecake brownies! I made these twice – the first was a swirled brownie cheesecake pattern on top and the second was just pecans on top with distinct cheesecake brownie layers. I really loved these HAHA will definitely make more! Recipe:


Matcha swiss rolls! I love how they turned out haha I’m just so glad they worked 🙂 I followed Cooking With Dog’s (YouTube channel) instructions for their matcha roll cake 🙂 Recipe: I didn’t have the azuki beans though and I’m not a red bean fan so my filling was a layer of nutella and then a layer of cream cheese frosting!


In the near future I will make carrot (cup)cakes.


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