Must blog will blog

HI HI I haven’t blogged in a month even though it’s the school holidays now so there’s no good excuse :-/ I’ve been using my Insta spam account as a dump for my pictures and short captions of my daily life and I really hate how cluttered and disorganised it is so I have gotten rid of it once and for all! Hopefully that’ll also force me to blog more hehe. I know people use diaries to note their thoughts and feelings but I always can’t seem to put all my thoughts coherently and fully in words so my blog posts seem to be more of a narration heh. But Idk I think that works for me! I just revisit old posts and look at pictures and what happened and the emotions come back to me anyway 🙂 Also this is a really good log of both less significant and more significant events – e.g. I just went to makisan a few days ago and I checked back here to see what I ordered a year ago HAHA and also I used to post all the recipes I used here! I’ve been baking a lot these few weeks so I have many pictures and new recipes yay 🙂 So yup I promise to blog a ton more!

In other news I’ve finally gotten back in the reading cycle and I’ve discovered old books that I wasn’t interested in before but really like now haha kind of like clothes that I bought long ago and finally grew into x) I shall end this post with a nice picture –

verse page 1

– I just scrolled through my photos to find a picture and OH so much has happened that I need to blog about okay SOON


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