Hurtling through Space Junk

Hi!! This is my poor attempt at summing up the past 2+ months in a single post because I haven’t had the time/energy to blog since national day 😛 So many things have happened but I’ve been living a day at a time and going through this draining cycle of meh meh meh ooh 1 fun thing meh meh meh meh more fun things but this hectic schedule isn’t going to stop anytime soon I figured I should just sit down and blog while I can! This will be in chronological order because I’m OCD like that haha.

This is such a nice pic! Batch after our Founders Day performance hehe 🙂 Really thankful to be part of such a talented and patient batch when I take forever to learn the steps heh. And I realised I haven’t blogged about SLI (???) and stepping up and all that but it’s so exciting to see half the batch becoming the leaders of the CCA ❤ We’ve come a long long way since our nooblet Y1 days.


In the evening I went for 夏祭り(natsumatsuri, or summer festival), which is an annual Japanese festival-carnival thing at the Japanese Primary School! There are many food stalls and stalls selling cute things like Rilakkuma merchandise. They had Gudetama this year too! I always go ready with money and tell myself I’m going to buy some Rila stuff but end up not getting anything hahaha which is good I guess – I have way too many things in my room from all my unsustained interests. (But Rila is definitely a sustained interest!!) Back to natsumatsuri, it’s one of the rare times in the year that I wear my yakuta! Don’t exactly remember what we ate from the stalls but I remember some takoyaki, hot dog and matcha ice cream! Can’t wait for next year’s hehe Jap food + the ambience is always great 🙂


I baked a cake for YQ’s bday! This seems like so long ago wow but this cake took so long to make haha. It was an earl grey infused cake with chocolate ganache in the centre and covered in a purple ombre buttercream! I bought a cake leveller specifically for this and haven’t touched it since so I think it’s high time I attempted another layered cake! (Which is why I borrowed a cake cookbook from the library today :>) Miss baking too bits but life’s been too busy recently to bake.
IMG_8232 IMG_8239 Rallies (RALits) after our last RA assessment for the year! Watching everybody present their spoken word poems was really cool and I still doubt my place in the class but I’ve learnt so much from everyone this year and am very much in awe of how they read between the lines so so well.IMG_8401IMG_8807Feat. the most beautiful teacher’s day cards ever. This seemed like a brilliant idea till Yining and I tried making it HAHA basically all the windows flap open to reveal a message from the house comms to our house teachers Ms Lee and Mr Foo. The house was painstakingly painted brick by brick with my (also very under-utilised) watercolours. But I think the end product was worth the effort! 🙂
IMG_8408 Huehuehue colourful house comm!IMG_8444 Deskies + our favourite teacher Mdm Aliah! IMG_8443 Went out for bingsu with Crys and Ke after the teacher’s day celebrations 🙂 Didn’t really know what to expect because I didn’t get the concept of dumping toppings on top of ice but it tasted good! Haha giant bowls of cold ice and condensed milk yum.IMG_8436 Forget when this happened but YQ and I decided to check out a pasar madam at Serangoon and discovered that pasar madams now have rather trendy food like churros and fried ice cream.IMG_8478 IMG_8485Julia’s birthday celeb in church! I baked red velvet cupcakes and Ace baked really yum lemon cookies 🙂
IMG_8630 Last Jap class with possibly the cutest and most patient sensei ever. (She looks so much like a rabbit in this pic I can’t get over it haha.) Transferring to this Jap class was one of the best decisions this year because we finally started understanding lessons and I only wish we’d switched earlier!IMG_8688I had a really long period of social media inactivity during September because I deleted and blocked everything to focus on studying, and therefore have a severe lack of photos hAHA. Don’t think I’ve ever studied so hard in my life but our study buddy club in the library made studying (somewhat) as fun as it could get I guess!! Not sure where my efforts have gone though but OH WELL I tried my best and I won’t care about this in 10 years. The intense period definitely drew me closer to God though because I prayed more fervently for strength to carry me through the dreary studying and for confidence and calmness before every paper. Have successfully committed the verse below to memory as well 🙂
IMG_8764When EYAs finally ended, I … didn’t really feel that great HAHA 1. Chem was the last paper and it was absolutely terrible sigh 2. It felt so strange to be walking around shopping malls aimlessly and not being in the library hunched over some boring assessment book, forcing myself to be productive. I went out with most of the people in the picture below to watch The Martian! As intriguing and creative as it was, it really just gave me a massive headache that lasted from 2pm to 11pm when I finally decided I needed to sleep it off. It was either the intensity of the plot or the way too shaky camera HAHa but I think I’m going to watch more chill things for a while.

That week we also went to Lynn’s house for her birthday party! I have been going there every year for class parties HAHA I love it ❤ There was really good food + company + Howl’s Moving Castle! I think we’re a really odd bunch because we just insult each other and laugh at each other and take videos of everybody else’s ridiculous dancing during the Wii game. BUT it was fun and I’m so glad we’re in the same class oh wow.

During marking days, Aveline, J and I finally organised a bento making session!! We went to Liang Court to get ingredients lol but really just got too much ice cream and some onigiri salmon flakes lel. The ice cream was good at first but then it just didn’t seem like it was gonna end and it was dripping everywhere loool not going to eat soft serve for a while…IMG_9262 All our ingredients! We are really terrible chefs who can neither cut nor boil vegetables, but can play with our food.IMG_9267Clockwise from top left: Fujisan, sleeping Rila and cat bentos HAHA trust me we tried VERY HARD. The rice tasted good though! Furikake and salmon flakes are the way to go 🙂
IMG_9274 Finally!! More recently, I’ve been really busy with dramafest preparations 🙂 Distinctly remember blogging about dramafest last year and not knowing what I was signing up for but now I know and it’s still as intense/fun as ever. I feel much more insecure than last year because I’m have to (kind of) be in charge of coordinating things, rather than just focusing on moving things around silently and quickly. Still, I’m so grateful that we have the Y4s helping us in this effort wow I honestly dk what we’re gonna do next year.IMG_9360 IMG_9370 Went out for brunch with YQ @Clinton Street Baking Company. We stuffed ourselves there lmao and I had prata before this too HAHAHAHA. But the blueberry pancakes were absolutely delicious ❤ ❤ The maple butter syrup + the fluffiness of the pancakes + the rare sweetness of the blueberries just = best pancakes I’ve ever had!!!IMG_9384 IMG_9385After brunch, I went back to school to meet Xiang and Soma to continue making our light installation props things for dramafest. So thankful for the two of them for being so dedicated to this even though we just question our lives when we step back and look at our mess of masking tape, tracing paper and wire.
IMG_9396For dinner just last night we went back to North Border (where we had my birthday dinner this year :)) Lots of good food and we were so so full. We got the starter platter with their signature buffalo wings and this chicken stew in a puff pastry, among other things!
IMG_9402 IMG_9405 I spun a wheel and won a free lava cake which was really double score because their lava cake was part of the reason we went there for dinner hehehehe.IMG_9411Current situation: sitting on the floor with this giant space junk rock thing in front of me! It can be my night light once dramafest is over. It’s been a crazy week of intense dramafest scheduling and rehearsals, getting papers back and also a new food allergy?? It was so terrible because I had hives for 2 days and then I woke up in the middle of the night and got a rude shock because my entire face was swollen 😦 I’ve since started a food log to detail everything I eat. Really need to determine the allergen gg. I’ve spent 1 hour on this post LOL but I’m not sure what to do now hahaha. I’ve been occupied with this wire structure for the past few nights and now I’m done! 4 more days to dramafest and I’m so nervous but it’s okay everything will come and go. I’ll take it as it comes and try my best to focus on all the fun times and new bonds rather than the stressful scheduling! IMG_9422

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