SG50 <3

Happy birthday Singapore!!! Thank you (for the 4 days of holiday HAHA) for the lovely people and a peaceful harmonious environment ❤ You’ll always be my favourite country and my HOME :’) Here’s a roundup of my SG50 celebrations HAHA.

IMG_7453 SG50 Birthday Starbucks frappe with Shu! It’s not great heh HHAHA but it’s pretty la that’s all I can say.

IMG_7515 National Day celebrations in school 🙂 SophZIES thank you for reading my blog hahaha and for always spending before CCA time with me ❤


Braidotes 🙂 We form the Singapore flag heheIMG_7557

IMG_7530Spam Your Cup Day with Jiayi at Sogurt! Both sick but so worth it HAHA IMG_7545  MP3 experiment with the nincompoops! I’ve missed them and 213 so much aw man but all still dumb as ever hahaha picnic with just chips and some bird friends and a lot of squealing.IMG_7601 IMG_7609

They said bring party hats but we didn’t have any so we improvised 🙂 I think the first year of MP3 was still better! Could just be the novelty but this year’s was our fullest attendance hehehe and the crowd was still spontaneous as ever so ❤ ❤IMG_7611

Dinner before the LKY musical 🙂 Ate at RISE but not a buffet this time 😦IMG_7619

Got crab cakes just to see what they were and omg they were tiny as heck D: I just ate everybody else’s food 😀
IMG_7621 I think it was a really good musical capturing the highs and lows of Mr Lee’s life and Adrian Pang was very captivating playing the part of LKY! The first part seemed a lot like a History lesson tbh hahaha like a consolidation of all I have learnt in primary school and lower sec x) The parts with Mrs Lee were really touching and I’m so thankful we were blessed with the leadership of such a wise and strong couple! The scenes of Mr Lee helping the inured boys in the RI school compound during the World War showed me stories I had never knew before and really made me think about all the little behind-the-scenes struggles he must have endured.
IMG_7626 SG50 celebrations in church! This isn’t a very good picture of the cake but it as a giant Singapore flag surrounded by cupcakes and on the  right was a smaller flag composed of cupcakes 🙂 It was more of a brownie than a cake but yummy nonetheless 🙂IMG_7637My feast 😀IMG_7638Muah chee!


Janelle and I stole the balloons heheheh. I had intended to post this yesterday but I fell asleep instead so here it is now. Can’t believe SG50 is over already after a whole year of excitement and 盼望ing. There is something very comforting in seeing Singaporeans from all walks of life dressed in red and white, not knowing anything about them and yet celebrating the nation’s birthday so joyously together 🙂 If only we could feel this same sense of pride and unity on a daily basis and not need an event to show our love and appreciation for our country, our society could be more accepting and cohesive. 🙂IMG_7643


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