Good (Great) Friday

I’ve been waiting for this long weekend since … the end of the school holidays. But it isn’t about the holiday is it? It’s the day Jesus died on the cross for our sins because of His unrivalled love for us. We had a guest speaker (Moses Lim the actor from Channel 8 I think) who came to share during combined service! It was the first time I attended a service that was entirely Chinese haha it made it absolutely necessary to pay full attention in order to make sense of everything he was sharing. He had a very light-hearted sharing hehe he was super funny! His testimony of how God had an amazing plan for him encouraged my heart that day 🙂 Just the previous week, the sermon was on disillusionment, and how we may sing praises of God when we are at our peak, but how easy it is to lose sight of God’s promises when we hit rock bottom. Moses Lim waited four years and complained (through prayer) every day, and true enough, God had a magnificent plan for him. Can’t wait for Easter Sunday service tomorrow!!

IMG_3573 Also met the homies/COMETTOS in the afternoon! It’s always a good time with them hehe.IMG_3580 We decided to get a scrapbook to document our adventures so we have something to look back on when we’re 70 and wrinkly.IMG_3593 Strawberries teehee it’s super cute.IMG_3595 As I mentioned in my previous post, Poppin Cookin is our favourite past time. Unfortunately these two kits are the last ones I have that do not require the use of a microwave buhu so unless KE figures out how to use hers + we are allowed to enter her house again, we gotta go get more kits.

Nerunerunerune! This tasted like sour fluffy things – not my fave.IMG_3609The donut kit was super pretty omg we really wanted to eat it but somebody put the dough on the flour humpf.

IMG_3620 !! Sprinkles and nuts even oh my I love Japan.IMG_3621 After meeting them I went out with YQ and Ging to Gardens by the Bay! (again I know) They had changed the theme since I visited during LJ week though. Now it’s Tulipmania with lots and lots of pretty tulips and also a fairytale theme!IMG_3633



And easter eggs ❤IMG_3676




Ate Pita Pan after that. The full pockets were ginormous lmao.IMG_3704All in all, it was a really good day (and break from school and exams and cca and syf rehearsal) and this re-charge has to last me till 23rd May HAHA but yay I can do it because I have almighty God on my side!


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