It’s My March

This post is a little late because I had exams on the 2nd of April! But here it is now ๐Ÿ™‚

Highlight of term 1 is always the last week because that means it’s learning journey (LJ) week! LJ week is basically an entire week of just LJ after LJ ๐Ÿ™‚ No lessons/cca hehe. After our LJ on Monday (I think), 113/213 met again for a class outing! We went to Ion haha we just bought food from the food stalls in the basement and sat at a random open area. I finally tried Amasoy! It was so good oh my I really need to go get it again some time soon. At first it was just Hsiao Shan and I eating it, but after we offered it to a few other people, they decided it was so good they had to go get their own bahaha. I really miss this class sigh pie ๐Ÿ˜ฆIMG_2853We went to Kampong Glam for our mother tongue LJ! In Y1 we went to Chinatown and in Y4 we’ll be going to Little India ๐Ÿ™‚ Kampong Glam is really fascinating because it has the more traditional side of it – shops lining the little alleys selling songkoks, tudungs etc. and the “hipster” haji lane! I really love the game Congkak! It’s such a simple concept but it’s really addictive – you won’t want to leave if your game isn’t over hahaha.

IMG_2875!! I thought this was 1) such a pretty colour 2) so funny lmao the shopping cart

IMG_2920My YFC team’s first group photo! Not officially part of YFC yet but we’re working towards our project pitching in two weeks!

IMG_2956For our SS LJ, we visited Tanglin Halt. I came here last year with 213 to do service learning so it was really sad to see that some of the residents had now vacated ๐Ÿ˜ฆ We didn’t go up to see the individual units, but instead took a walk around the neighbourhood and learnt about how the area was self contained. This meant that it had many amenities such as places of worship and shared spaces within the area. We were also tasked to interview people we met there. Weilin and I interviewed a seamstress there and she was really friendly! I think she spoke to us for 40 minutes hahaha. But we learnt that she had been working there for all her life because the shop used to be her parents’. And now that the residents were preparing to move to newer flats, she would either have to buy a shop somewhere else or just stop working ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Her stories were really insightful and I’m so glad we were lucky enough to have chosen the “right” shop to enter for an interview haha.

IMG_2989For our Science LJ we went to Gardens By The Bay! We’re the first batch that got to visit GBTB so I think we’re super fortunate. We got to go into both conservatories!!



The area in front of the waterfall in the Cloud Forest was really chilly because of the water vapour evaporating and all that (science) but I’m just amazed that someone thought up this mega garden and conservatories idea!IMG_3135Restaurant week with YQ @Sabio by the Sea marks the start of school hols:







IMG_3178Llao Llao after house stuff with J!

IMG_3207I TRIED to make cake pops lmaooo

IMG_3230I made pancakes


IMG_3256Cake pops attempt 2 with homies/comettos! We made these for KE’s bday and they were fine till we bumped into each other and they all slid down the sticks sian.



IMG_3282Our new favourite thing to do is Poppin Cookin! So glad I finally found people to feel like mixing powder and water is so fun.


IMG_3301Diwei ate the whole thing lololol.

IMG_3303God’s Not Dead (movie) with the cell :))) Prawn mee at Jeri’s house was amazing and company was even better yay love you guys ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_3311Youth Cup! I’m so glad I decided to go despite TAs! And we actually won hahahah well done us!!

IMG_3339Used our bandanas to cover our mouths because we couldn’t talk for one of the games.


IMG_3376House prac on 25th March! This is the only date I remember of all the events in this post hahaha. Spent over a month planning this house prac and I’m so glad it worked out!

IMG_3407This month ended on a sad note for Singaporeans and also for many around the world because we lost a very special founding father. It’s just mind-blowing that this man did so much for Singapore. It saddens me that this great outpouring of gratitude and love came only after he passed on, but it seems that that’s always how it plays out. We all know how much he has given to Singapore as a whole, and this past week we’ve gained insight on how he also played the father and grandfather figure at home. Besides the respect we have for Mr Lee Kuan Yew, I think many Singaporeans have an added layer of respect for our PM Lee Hsien Loong. If I had been him, I would probably have bought myself a one-way ticket to a remote corner of the world, but he stayed strong for Singapore. Feeling prouder than ever to be a Singaporean, and just thank God for blessing us with this incredible man and his leadership, and for blessing our country this jubilee ๐Ÿ™‚


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