f e b・r u a r y

A sixth of 2015 has passed (relatively quickly)!! I wouldn’t say Feb was entirely fab but I got through and that’s good enough for me 🙂 Again blogging rather late at night so this will be rather short!

Planned the Year 1 Welcome party wuhuIMG_2059

House banner reveal!!IMG_2094

Steamboat lunch with Chlolo+, I can’t believe our older members have already moved on to tertiary D:IMG_2293

Met the Rosyth buddies before CNY and had monster curry!IMG_2322

CNY performance with the CCA!IMG_2414

B16 representIMG_2332

Yay haha fellow performersIMG_2338

Big, (relatively) cheap, cute present for dear diwei!!IMG_2355

(Incomplete) batch photo!IMG_2346

Salmon Japanese lunch with YQIMG_2362

Tuan yuan fan!IMG_2396

First time having CNY lunch at a restaurant other than the one at Regent! The salmon roses were really pretty 🙂IMG_4214

Prata for breakfast on the 2nd day of CNY!

CCA day during spirit week! Ft. the Y1s!IMG_2482

Mdm Aliah bought the entire class twelve cupcakes!! My first twelve cupcakes yummmIMG_2496

Forever hungry class

Finally met the nincompoops again ❤IMG_2553



Went to watch Chingay for the first time this year! I took 300+ photos of the parade haha honestly didn’t expect it to be so good! Maybe it’s because it’s SG50 but wow atmosphere and floats were 10/10! Spotted this Sirotan bread plush at Hicjuice Marketplace Millenia Walk before the show!!! It’s so adorable omg I love how the eyebrows are two dots??

Teehee mouse/bunny us with pompoms.IMG_2608

Tell me this isn’t a magical photo!IMG_4265

First float of the night! Giant birthday cake for Singapore lol we sang Happy Birthday so many times.IMG_4270Oops realised the captions are really super short but sleep is quite important now. I can’t believe it’s march already! My month but also thanks RG for the exams birthday present ya!!! ❤ Lel History, SS and Math – I can’t wait for the morning of 4th March to be o v e r. On the bright side, LJ week is coming up and then it’s school hols! Can’t wait 🙂 Keep the faith ❤



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