1/12 months done!

Haven’t blogged since OBS because I’ve been drowning in homework but January is over so yay! I hope February will be better – I’m really looking forward to CNY (more of the 4 day break from school than the holiday itself but still!) 🙂 I decided to do a pic splash with shorter-than-usual captions this time because it’s night time and I spent all my energy on school work.

On hindsight, January wasn’t really the best kick start to the year because I fell sick a week after OBS and am still recovering from a cough very very slowly. I haven’t had a single piece of chocolate since then </3 Gwyn came back from Australia and we had arranged to meet for dinner after school one day! Unfortunately that was the day I fell sick, but I was well enough to go for the dinner anyway teehee 🙂

Kefoo and I went to The Icing Room earlier to decorate a cake for her!
IMG_1342Photo quality level -1000 but it’s the only one we have!

IMG_1343The day after that, Pa had his company’s family day at the zoo and river safari! (I know i know totally the way to go after having a fever but I was doing okay!) I was really looking forward to this panda pau!

IMG_3971We spotted this Mandrill with a galaxy butt and I was (still am) super intrigued! I tried to find out where the pigments came from when I got home but Google didn’t cooperate 😦 Every time I look at this picture I’m so amazed hahaha Idk how I missed this funky thing the previous times I visited the zoo!

IMG_4031After returning to school on Monday, I decided sitting in an AC-ed classroom and sniffing and coughing and dying because the medicine made me drowsy was a no-no so I stayed home on Tuesday. I finally tried out my waffle maker and was pretty satisfied!!


IMG_1485On Saturday, I went for Project Kite with Su! (Just went again this Sat but didn’t get a new picture so..) We basically played with the little kids and helped them with their worksheets hehe. I think I really enjoy being with little kids because they are so easily satisfied and just really carefree.

IMG_1527On Sunday, we went to Sungei Buloh with Pa’s army friends! Spotted these (funky) birds teehee.



IMG_1616I realised we had actually visited Sungei Buloh a long time ago and had taken this pic, so we recreated it HAHA.
IMG_1668That night my aunt brought over a cheesecake! It was the first time in very long (okay maybe a week or two) that I ate a sweet thing/dessert since I couldn’t eat cookies, chocolate or the BELGIAN CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM IN THE FRIDGE.

IMG_1665Here’s 307’s first class pic after Mdm Aliah treated us to pizza!


IMG_1697I went to Art Friend after school one day to look for materials for dance welcome, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that they have upped their clay game!!! They now have Premo and Souffle and a legit stock of Sculpey ❤ Well done Art Friend ❤

IMG_1711Random pic in the 306 classroom hahaha. Vvv sorry to Diwei because we had initially planned to go to Wimbly Lu, but because of the amount of work I had to do, we ended up not going 😦 SOON!

IMG_1730I baked some muffins for our class’ birthday celebration!

IMG_1762Made another waffle to make up for Wimbly Lu.

IMG_1831Shout out to RAVELLO: This amazing Italian Restaurant in Serangoon Gardens! I don’t come across many under-rated things in Singapore but this restaurant seriously deserves more patrons! Please go try it if you are in the vicinity!

Pizza was yum (I added the rocket leaves from the salad haha)IMG_1845Linguine with King Prawns was yum too! It had an aglio olio-like sauce!

IMG_1851I very rarely l o v e fish, but this fish was really good! It was really soft and flavourful 🙂

IMG_1853Chicken breast! This doesn’t look like much compared to the stuff above I guess, but this was also really tender and coated in this amazing sauce that I can’t describe. MUST TRY!

IMG_1858For dessert we ordered profiteroles! They don’t look like your typical choux pastry profiteroles because they are coated in chocolate cream.

IMG_1863I know that was a terrible review hahah but baseline is go try this restaurant because the food is amazing and service is good too! I think it’s a family run restaurant 🙂

Photo of my sleepy snoopy thermo flask containing coffee for late nights. I can’t believe my late nights are back so soon 😦 I think I will try my best to only drink coffee a) on weekends b) when absolutely necessary. IMG_1870Picture from today oops February spill-over then. CHOLOLO+! First day as an impactor today (ushering and welcoming ministry!) It was so different to not be standing right in front of the stage during Praise and Worship hahaha but it was fun shaking hands with everyone who came 🙂

IMG_1889I decided to keep a fun art diary thing! It reminds me of my travel journal, but for every day/whenever use 🙂

IMG_1918Not sure what Feb has in store but I’m going to hang in there and then soon it’ll be my birthday woohoo I survived 15 years 😀 (sorry this is sleep deprived yh typing good night)

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