From 13-16 December I went on a family holiday to Kuching in Sarawak! The short trip was more like a food trail! We arrived after lunch time so after dropping off our bags at the hotel we quickly went to search for some food. For this trip, I planned the entire itinerary so I had to know roughly where things were haha. We wanted to try this place called Noodle Descendants/Min Joo which served Cheng Mee. It took us some time to get there even though Google Maps made it seem as though it were really near to the hotel 😦 We eventually made it though! We waited about 20 minutes for our food.



IMG_3301Kuching means cat in Malay if I’m not wrong! There are a few cat statues around in Kuching, and we saw two of them! This one was in between our hotel and Noodle Descendants.

IMG_3305This other one was right in front of our hotel!

IMG_3307There is also a river flowing through Kuching. There are multiple jetties on both sides where you can wait for a river taxi/boat to come and ferry you to the other side. We didn’t take a boat like this one but I find this boat really cute hehe it reminds me of a potato!

IMG_3313Since we had a late lunch, we weren’t feeling too hungry but Mum heard from her friend + I read online that this place had good food so we decided to try it. We got a smoked duck salad and a pizza. The portion of salad was HUGE but the duck was good so it’s okay I guess! The pizza was average (both size and taste.) One major turn-off for me was that I got approximately 10,000 mosquito bites here… which affected the rest of my stay in Kuching and some days after I got back as well 😦

IMG_3335Night view of the river!

IMG_3336For breakfast the next day, I had a feast at the hotel breakfast buffet 😀 They had local stuff and the normal bread and eggs so I had a bit of everything teehee. We also tried the Sarawak laksa at the breakfast buffet which turned out to be like mee siam! That day we took a river taxi across to explore the other side. Here’s sailor Rila in his boat!

IMG_3349There were many bakeries/kek shops on the other side of the river selling different flavours of kueh lapis. We went to Dayang Selhah Kek Lapis because of the many good reviews online + we could sample over 50 kinds of cake + they would send our orders directly to our hotel! It was really cool to see the different flavours and colours of all the cakes 🙂 Outside the shop there were a few kittens and a mother cat that were really scrawny 😦 It was quite sad because there was a lady eating rice and chicken next to them but she didn’t feed them any food 😦

IMG_3358We walked along the river boardwalk to see if we could cross to the orchid garden but it turned out to be a dead end so we snapped some pictures of the state legislative council building!
IMG_3380We eventually took the river taxi one stop down to the orchid garden, but there weren’t many orchids in bloom either… And despite the pictures here looking very cool and un-sweltering, it was really very hot. This is the water feature in the orchid garden!

IMG_3403For lunch we went to Borneo Delight and had some of the noodles there. We tried their char kway teow, Sarawak laksa and tomato fried noodles (below!) The tomato fried noodles were really good hehe.

IMG_3406(See what I mean by food trail:) For dinner we went to Top Spot, a big seafood hawker centre type thing. We ate at the Bukit Mata store! What we got: bamboo clams, mani chai, fish, calamari, satay.

IMG_3426It wasn’t enough for us haha. We saw that a few other tables had ordered this massive fried bowl of flour so we ordered it too HAHA it turned out to be like or lua (oyster omelette) but fried flour instead of egg? It was truly massive and terribly sinful.

IMG_3427We learnt from our mistake the previous day and decided to eat less during breakfast x) It was our last day and we wanted to explore the fairy cave! We chartered a van from the tour agency within the hotel and set off to Bidayuh longhouse first. Our guide was the chattiest person ever lol he talked the whole way from the hotel to the longhouse to the lunch place to the cave to the tea place and back to the hotel.

The view! The clouds seem to hang lower in Kuching so the mountains were among the clouds.
IMG_3446Finally arrived at the longhouse!!

IMG_3449This was a “living longhouse” which meant that people still lived there! It was not what I had expected a longhouse to look like. I thought it would literally be a long-house like a long, straight row of houses. But it turned out to have a lot of turns and stairs up and down! It was also built on bamboo and they replaced the bamboo planks every once in a while. There were also many cats around but they were more well fed than those at Dayang Selhah.


IMG_3501For lunch we tried Kolo Mee, supposedly another Sarawak specialty! In my opinion it was like less flavourful mee pok with a lot of ingredients. Hehe I prefer Sg’s wanton mee/bak chor mee! (Milo was good as always)

IMG_3505After lunch we proceeded to the fairy cave! We expected it to be a lot harder to climb with a lot of steps in the dark but it was very manageable and we got to the top of the stairs very quickly.




IMG_3520As you can see here there was a huge opening in the cave that allowed sunlight to stream in! The cave was very pretty and you should definitely go see it if you ever visit Kuching!


IMG_3552For our last dinner in Kuching we decided to go to a nicer restaurant called “Bla bla bla” lol. What we ate: mani chai, crispy mirin (this was great it was like a big bowl of salty crispy vegetables hahahaha), cashew prawns, sugar cane chicken, chef’s fried rice. I really like the food here!

IMG_3605Overall, Kuching was nice to visit and the food was great hehe but the pace of life there is a lot slower than what we are used to in Singapore. As our guide loved to say, the people there live life “一步一步” (step by step hahaha).


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