Nincompoops Secret Santa πŸŽ„πŸŽ…

Nincompoops finally met again today since the last day of school! Haven’t seen them in really long! We met early at J8 and watched Paddington. It was a super adorable and heartwarming story compacted into a short 90 minutes! I felt that the editing in certain areas was a little strange though hahaha but it was a good holiday, family and feel-good movie nonetheless! Also got the 1 for 1 Starbucks vent christmas beverage offer again today Ü I shared the cranberry white chocolate mocha with Rach πŸ™‚ Honestly I can’t taste the difference between the christmas cookie, toffee nut and cranberry white chocolate apart from the toppings. It’s probably just me haha but yum and great holiday promotion!

After the movie, we went to Janelle’s house to play with Boski the corgie! He was really cute but kept biting/nibbling my hand as though it were a slab of meat hahaha.

IMG_0304Good pic ya! Cutie Boski when he wasn’t biting me!

IMG_0311Sherry asked for a hamster so she got a hamster hahaha. We named it Popcorn after its bedding hehe. Popcorn is super cute and super tiny and his breed is Yellow/Blue Pudding!! We kept playing with him for a while and then someone remembered that the shopkeeper said not to play with him for a week or so… oops.

IMG_0332Reindeers and doggies (except I have christmas trees as antlers?). We had a green and red colour scheme – could you tell? x) Lots of love for everyone here I’m going to miss them LOADS.


IMG_0336Sherm’s Suhki! Super well behaved and calm as usual πŸ™‚ And photogenic too.

IMG_0344Janelle’s mom got us a log cake and it was really yummy!

IMG_0347What was left of our Sapporo Petit Doughnuts from Vicky (‘s mom). I had never tried those before and they were really amazing and soft and like a doughnut-pancake cross? With custard/cheese/red bean yum yum I’m gonna get some the next time I go to Taka!

After I left J’s house I went for cell πŸ™‚ Only with Julia and Kyna though but it was still a wonderful few hours πŸ™‚

IMG_0348Julia brought me to try QQ Rice. It’s really just rice and whatever ingredients you ask for, but the ingredients are wrapped in the rice so it’s like a condensed oval onigiri. The rice options were super healthy though!

IMG_0349I got Taiwan chinese sausage, “fish chip”, french beans, braised peanuts and corn! While eating we listened to Kyna’s mission trip stories and it was amazing how God worked to bless her team and to touch the hearts of the children there! I wanna go on a mission trip some time too πŸ™‚ We talked about a lot of things really and I learnt lots about God and His word from the both of them tonight! ❀ I’ve started a bible plan for the month of December/Christmas and it is focusing a lot on the true meaning of Christmas – notΒ presents and parties, but Christ and His love for us. This morning while I was hobo-ing in NTUC, I saw that one of the decorations on the rows of price tags was blocked and read “Celebrate Christ” (without the “mas”). A very timely reminder as we go about shopping for presents and making pretty cards!

It’s been a long day well spent with great people ❀




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