Last Day of School (2014)

I had a post on the last day of school last year! It’s been more than a year since I started blogging and I find it really helpful to have a log of what I’ve done/thought about. Last year I mentioned that I spent my year worrying too much and being too afraid of a lot of things. This year I found that I constantly reminded myself not to be afraid. Both Y1 and Y2 had their ups and downs but I feel I have learnt to approach things with more confidence and clarity, which definitely puts me at greater ease and lets me enjoy the process. These two years really flew past – I remember when I first stepped into Rg on the first day of school in 2013, the last day of school in 2013, and now school’s over for 2014. Somehow I don’t exactly feel the typical excitement of “it’s the school holidays!!!” right now, maybe because this time I’m leaving a class of friends I’ve grown so close to. Even though we are all so different, it’s become a comfortable difference in that we know how certain people do certain things and we all laugh about it together.


Off the top of my head, here are some things I don’t want to forget about 113’13 and 213’14:

  • Drawing on the walls with chalk and leaving it there for all the coming 113s
  • Sleeping over in school!!
  • Wizard of Oz class dress up!
  • HTHT during RICE
  • PAP class dress up – “merdekaaa”
  • Class google chat during class
  • Creepy drawings on the whiteboard and creepy jokes on the blackboard
  • Naming our gdocs “duckuments”
  • BBQ party
  • Sherlock marathon

I can’t think of anymore 😦

I’ve certainly learnt a lot this year and I earnestly hope I made the right (?) choice in RA (which I’ve thought about really really hard for the whole of today!!) I say right with a question mark because I know it’s a combination of my interest and ability as much as it is my willingness to give it my all. Back in Y1, I didn’t see myself going where I am today (not that I’ve achieved lots or anything haha nothing like that), and I’m immensely grateful for my friends for always being there! Major buhu I can’t imagine a class that isn’t 213.

I guess that was my brief reflection on the year. What I really did today though, was eat LlaoLlao, watch a movie and hobo a bit.


Today was my first time eating Llao Llao and oh my it was so good. I think the yogurt was normal (apart from the idea of putting the fruits and crunch in between instead of just on top. The ingredient that sets it apart from other froyo stores was the sauce! Rach and I shared a Sanum and got Chococrock sauce. Chococrock is a mixture of chocolate, nutella, hazelnuts and crunchy biscuit bits (I think? According to them?) It was really yum!! One cup was $6.50 though :< But I guess it’s worth it considering it’s size + I shared hehe. Definitely have to go back soon!
IMG_2998Rach and I hahahaha yogurt and flowers why not. We didn’t get a pic with everyone else there (Sha, Vicky, Sherm, Bev, Dawn, Su) but I’m going to miss having all of them in class and going for recess with them and going to play with the doggies </3

After Llao Llao and lunch (lel we ate more yes), we watched Dracula Untold zzz it wasn’t great. Plot was quite meh and idk I felt like the ideas were similar to some scenes from HP? Oh well it was a long 1+ hours and IMO movies shouldn’t feel draggy.

On the way home in the MRT my phone was dying so I didn’t scroll through my Instagram feed or Youtube or play Candy Crush like I would usually, and I thought about how it was really THE last day with 213 and I felt so incomplete </3 Going into a new year and a new class and a RA is a scary thought but I have 2 months to get over it and stop being scared and stop telling myself to stop being scared and start enjoying everything. “I hope to get more rest during the holidays.” Unlikely, since I consider sleeping too much a waste of time when I could be watching cooking videos or making miniature cupcakes or adding things to my virtual cart. “I hope to watch TV.” Yes I am gonna sit down, not do anything else and just watch some Nickelodeon. Yq and I have come to a appalling realisation that we both cannot do one thing at a time. I feel a need to do something while doing something e.g. playing Candy Crush while watching Youtube, sewing while watching Youtube – my Youtube watch later playlist is a big part of my life. I think I should stop and learn to focus and really enjoy what I’m doing, one thing at a time and do more justice to it.

I’m going to stop here but thank you for reading my random musings/reflections! ❤ ❤



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