I can’t decide if I prefer having exams or not having exams 😦 Having exams means going home early to study and not having exams means going home later .. to study. Buhu at least it’s over now! I managed my time better this year as compared to last year hehe but they day before any exam is always super stressful anyway. I deleted many of my social media apps on my phone which really saved a lot of time in my opinion! I deleted Tumblr (which I didn’t really use anyway), Twitter (I can live without this haha it’s actually kinda useless), Snapchat and Instagram! Taking a break from Instagram was really hard haha it means not having something to scroll through on the way home or while I’m waiting for something or to distract me from studying. I gave myself a 5 minutes Instagram treat on weekend nights though ^-^ But yep productive = no distractions and deleting everything helped me loads. This post is about cool things that happened before during after EYA season!

The day before our Chinese paper we went to the Singapore Art Museum (SAM). The trip was part of our Art aesthetic module, but it was optional because it was the day before our exams so y’know “dangerous” and some of us would rather study! I couldn’t decide if I should go or stay behind but then I thought hmm last class outing so I went! I’m glad I did, the museum was really fun! It has been a few years since I last went there and I think the exhibitions have gotten a lot more interactive and interesting 🙂 There was a laser room! It looked exactly like the cool laser cages in spy movies haha but harmless. Pictures there didn’t work out but here are some pictures of our class at SAM!



After one of the papers, I went out with YQ to eat at Maki-san! I’ve wanted to try it for a while because a shop that lets you choose what you want in your maki is pure genius. They let you put tempura in maki!!! Something else I’ve been eating a lot of is cereal because Chels recently got 5 big family-sized packs of Honey Nut Cheerios from US and it’s super good! It’s the top seller cereal there but it’s not available in Singapore </3 We have normal cheerios, multi-grain cheerios, frosted cheerios, apple cinnamon cheerios, peanut butter cheerios but not honey nut I cry. Our table row (me, Chels, Sha) spent so long searching hahahaha sorry.

20141003_130637My maki! We both got the mega-san and I thought it wasn’t going to be enough food because we normally eat at least 10 or more pieces of sushi right.. But I suppose since all the ingredients were rolled into a giant maki it was the equivalent! Here’s what I included in my maki (it was really yum):

  • Wrap: Traditional Nori
  • Rice: Japanese White Rice
  • 5 Essentials: Roasted Mushroom, Tamagoyaki, Steamed Ebi, Edamame Beans, Sweet Corn,
  • 1 Special: Salmon Sashimi
  • 1 Sprinkle: Tempura Crunch
  • 1 House Sauce: Sesame

At maki-san you get an order sheet where you just tick off whatever you’d like and hand it to the cashier! Then you can stand there and watch them make your maki hehe they have two cool machines from Japan (<3), one to flatten out the rice perfectly and another to slice the maki into 8 (almost) equal pieces! You can also get a salad if you’d like. They have different bases like soba and glass noodles instead of salad leaves. Tempura crunch was my favourite ingredient – it made such a huge difference to the taste ^~^

I forgot when this happened, but one day the dog from the house behind ours somehow got out, and it was locked out because the gate was shut 😦 I went to play/accompany it for a while till the owner opened the gate! (I rang the doorbell so many times omg)

IMG-20141002-WA0008It was really well behaved and easy to carry and all that. ❤ ❤

Over the weekend, my family went to the Teochew fair at Ngee Ann City! I read a blog post that said it was really crowded on weekends and queues for food were really long, so we went at the opening time haha and got all our food. The queues were okay! But the food section was a tiny part of the whole fair so I can imagine it getting quite crowded at lunch time.



20141005_113920This giant Png Kueh cushion was so cool but also v ex hahahaha.

20141005_114308Free samples available hue hue I ate a lot a lot.

20141005_114749Apart from the food of course there were exhibitions/demonstrations about the early immigrants and different art forms! This was the only demo going on at that time so it was popular hehe. He made these into lanterns!

After-exam-break: We cooked Mentaiko (spicy cod roe?) udon! We used a ready mix paste thing but still it took us very long to get the water boiling/prepare everything. YQ also assumed that all Japanese soups were miso soup but unfortunately the packet she picked was soybean soup with clams omg. It was weird idk but I don’t like clams. We all just thought it was really concentrated miso but then we read the packet afterwards hahaha. There were miniature (like really smaller than my clay things) clams in the soup oh my.

20141008_122454Haagen Dazs macadamia nut brittle with hundreds and thousands and walnuts for dessert because exam season and I can treat myself.


Screenshot_2014-10-11-04-15-54You know it’s exam season when your class Whatsapp media is just notes. I am really thankful for my class though we helped each other along and made life a lot easier.

I wouldn’t say the two weeks flew by, but they did pass quickly enough! I had a countdown to every single paper on my mac and clicking “OKAY” after the alert went off after every paper was such a relief. I’m so happy the only countdown left now is “LAST DAY OF SCHOOL”: 17 days 18 hours 23 mins 20 secs I can do this.

After Science (LAST PAPER YES), we went out to play with Suhki (Shermin’s dog) and Spot (Dawn’s dog)! We: Su, Dawn, Bev, Sherm, Rach and I. We went to Bishan park because there was a dog park there hehe. Here is Suhki on the left in the small dog park and a big Goldie on the right in the big dog park. ADORBS *^~^*



PicsArt_1412973565604Not too sure lel we were being mushrooms.

IMG-20141010-WA0068Candid hahahahaha photo creds to Rach! Spot is looking though oh my.


IMG-20141010-WA0022Spot the photobomb haha kidding Spot is the cutey.

IMG-20141010-WA0111Here is us. Can’t wait to meet Suhki and Spot again! For now I’m going to revel in the freedom from books and notes and watch Youtube, bake, do my art stuff and sleep without feeling like it’s a crime. Yay this was a long post but hehe covered a few weeks. Thanks for reading ❤

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