Sept Hols

What I did

  • Thursday: KE’s house
  • Friday: Walk Amy + Bake
  • Monday: ODP
  • Tuesday: KE’s house
  • Wednesday: Fashion Cluster
  • Saturday: Buffet + Gardens by the Bay


I went to KE’s house twice this holiday! It was v fun to hang out with Crys, DW, JT and KE again after so long 🙂 We met after teacher’s day on Thursday to bake for our Rosyth teachers, but then after going back to Rosyth for 1/2 – 1 hr ish we went back to her house to bake more hahahaha. We don’t follow recipes at all – we just go by “oh the colour looks okay”. And we use expired ingredients (for ourselves, not the cookies we made for the teachers don’t worry) and we also made everything in a toaster oven. It was so much fun I cannot emphasise this enough!! I love my primary school friends ❤

Cookies I made for RG teachers:

IMG_20140903_221859Spent twice the baking time on packagingIMG_2474What we cooked at KE’s! We actually made brownies twice. DW and JT made a nice one before we left and when we came back it was gooey and legit yummy! Then because we still had extra chocolate chips and too much time to waste, we made another brownie + 2 packets of instant noodles. The banana is KE being healthy hahahaha.

IMG_20140904_190154We knew we wanted to meet again on Tuesday but we couldn’t decide where to go, so we were like hAHA let’s just bake nonsense again.

I’m going in chronological order though so hold on for Tuesday’s pics.


I went to walk Amy again hehehe

IMG-20140824-WA0007 IMG-20140824-WA0011 Eggs ben for brunch 🙂PicsArt_1409889792645 I made egg tarts in the afternoon hehe they are quite easy to make I think. They don’t taste exceptionally nice, but good enough for me! I had many egg tarts for a week.20140906_125040Mum tried making a swiss roll x) I did the patterns!!



I went to Open Door Policy with my aunt and yq and grandma! It was quite a sunny cosy setting ahahah they had a glass roof. Here’s what we ate lel:

Starter: Halloumi cheese with olives, white anchovies and crusty bread (copied off the ODP website) Halloumi cheese is really yummy haha the consistency/texture (idk) is super weird – kinda like a rubbery fishcake idek but it tastes amazing!!!


Couldn’t resist getting a burger so ODP wagyu burger with all the trimmings, garlic fries and Japanese mayonnaise Typical burger hehe but still good!IMG_2510Attempting to take artsy shots while waiting for dessert.

IMG_2512 IMG_2513Caramel crème brûlée Sweet as it normally is.

IMG_2516Chocolate pistachio soufflé with creame anglaise Hmm some parts of this tasted a bit weird but other parts tasted really good so idk quite confused haha. I think the fancy “creame” was what made it good!

IMG_2525Books Actually was nearby so I went to look around x) The shop is really pretty! There was a cat inside too huhu. They sell a lot of unusual (?) interesting books haha. You’ll find many books by local authors! And vintage deco too.

IMG_2533 IMG_2529Tuesday

Yay so on Tuesday I woke up late. HAH. I was supposed to meet Crys, DW and JT to buy ingredients (because we decided no more expired food for us.) BUT sokay I met them at the MRT and went to KE’s house together! We made pancakes for breakfast hehe but we were lazy (and a bit scared of our own cooking I think) so we got a pancake mix xD Even so, they looked like prata and tasted weirdish salty (because they bought the cheapest butter). And then we tried to make a mega big rectangular pancake with KE’s happy call and LEL there was a huge bulge in the centre oh my we cmi. It was all good in the end though because we added loads of Nutella and Nutella makes everything yummy 🙂20140909_105242After pancakes we spent some time studying (not kidding omg) and then we had to make lunch hahahha. We had baked rice and egg tarts (again hehe).

KE and DW made the baked rice and we each had one of these aluminium foil tray thingys. It was really really yum ❤20140909_125927 20140909_131104Crys, JT and I made the egg tarts hahahha we had such a hard time with the shortcrust pastry and these paper cups. Notice the unique shapes x)20140909_140021After lunch we tried to make a mug cake in the mircrowave… except after 30secs it smelt like plastic burning lol so we frantically took it out of the microwave and put it in the oven. But it didn’t bake in the end. Oh well. KE and JT made a brownie with the dubious butter. We made a failed rainbow loom turtle. We tried making vanilla ice cream with milk, vanilla extract and sugar HAHAH did not work we bought ice cream in the end. DW and I did the Ice Bucket Challenge!!! We made cookies! (Sorry this is probably v hard to read heh I’m rambling.)

Yep no more pics but that’s basically how we spent the rest of the day. I can’t wait for Dec hols then we can go out to play or whatev haha fun times : )))


My family went for a high tea buffet on Saturday before going on a photography trail thing hehe. Feasted because the “high tea” consisted of bread, laksa, mee siam, soba, sushi, sashimi, cheese, buffalo wings, fries, ice cream, chocolate fountain, marshmallows, egg tarts (!!!), chocolate, brownies ETC. ETC. Basically a lot of food. I didn’t eat all of that hahah (but most) hahahaha.

VVVVV HD PIC OF MY ICE CREAM OH MY YUMIMG_2540 This is also v nice cheese and v nice crackers.IMG_2561FONDUE
IMG_2580 Some pics from the photography trail:IMG_2616 IMG_2642 IMG_2678 IMG_2689True #yolo I can’t wait for EYAs to end sigh there’s so much to do and so little time but there’s still time to blog hahaha. Sorry this post was so long!! JY for EYAs holidays are coming in 1 1/2 months ❤



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