Caso d’Espressione

Hello 🙂 Yesterday my CCA put up our biennial concert Caso d’Espressione. It was a crazy day but sharing the stage with my cca mates that I’ve gotten so much closer to in the past 6 months was vv fun and heartwarming ❤ Here’s us being very happy after the gala performance 🙂

IMG_1215I’m gonna go from 3 weeks ago to yesterday because chronological order and also because concert wouldn’t have been the same without the journey that we went through to get to where we were yesterday.

Camwhoring in the gym before prac.IMG-20140626-WA0005After our makeup workshop by Shiying!!
IMG-20140626-WA0009O School workshop during Dance Bonding Days! It was super fun even though I missed an hour of it (while editing the programme booklet haha).

IMG-20140627-WA0001  Full dress rehearsal on Thursday!Screenshot_2014-07-04-20-17-23IMG-20140703-WA0001Rj cat wuhu we spent vv long stroking its back.
IMG-20140705-WA0001IMG-20140705-WA0002Yay time for pictures from the concert! Batch dance ❤ I’m very proud of us for managing to choreo a decent piece hehe considering it was our first time and we had many disagreements! Thank you Braidotes for looking past all the problems we faced to pull off a brilliant item 🙂
IMG-20140705-WA0008Much sassy hehe ponytail flickIMG-20140705-WA0007IMG_1051IMG_1057IMG-20140705-WA0009Here’s our SYF item! Even though my role in the SYF item wasn’t a very large one, it was still fun with Soph, Hazel and Ethel hehe 🙂 Acting and dancing happily came naturally with them around ❤
IMG_1107Bollywood! I’m very thankful to have been selected to perform this piece because I know many people didn’t have the opportunity to. I’ve learnt a lot through the 10 lessons with Chermaine and Joanne and all of us love the choreography so much ❤
IMG_1114IMG_1127IMG_1133Finale! I’m not in this segment of finale but this picture is really cool don’t you think hehe strobe lights x)
IMG_1178Dance battle HAHA I’m the least swaggy person you can find but it was very fun to TRY HAHAAHAHA.
IMG_1180Almost the end </3 Jumped off late and couldn’t wear my jacket in time sigh but oh well everyone looks fab 🙂 ❤
IMG_1199Curtain call!
IMG_1206Yay thank you to everyone who came to support me!! Thank you Kavya for coming and for buying me a flower hehe I had no idea that anyone was even watching me during Matinee because all my friends and family came for Gala x))) But yes thank you so much ❤
IMG-20140706-WA0008Ashley! Thank you ash for being so encouraging hehe I’m so glad you enjoyed the concert and that we both got to go to each other’s concerts!
IMG-20140705-WA0004YAY here’s a big group of very special friends who came to support Yixuan and I! Everyone is vvv pretty here hehe thank you for the flowers I lava all of you ❤
IMG-20140705-WA0006Parents! Thanks Pa and Ma for everything ❤ From fetching me from school at 8pm after late night dance practices and for understanding when I go out to get costumes and for listening when I cry over and try to explain my very small issues ❤ You’re the most supportive parents I could have asked for and I LOVE YOU ❤
IMG_1207Sistas. Thanks for buying me flowers and shouting my name HAHA so embarrassing and for taking many pictures <333 Y’all have been so supportive and I can’t thank you enough! lava (cake) (I want) <33
IMG_1209Blur picture 😦 but me with my grandma! I think yesterday was the first/second time she’s seen me on stage because all my previous performances were vv small haha. She’s also been very caring when I come back late(r than usual)! Next week is a rather short week because of Youth Day and home-based learning and also no CCA so I’ll be back home more ❤

IMG_1210Another CCA photo (wow yixuan you are vvv blur HAHAHA)
IMG_1214Not sure where our other batchmates were 😦
IMG_12169/10 Braidotes because Ruth wasn’t here 😦 Even though she didn’t perform yesterday I’m so glad she was well enough to come and watch us! Ruth you played such a big role in helping our batch dance materialise (??) and some of the choreography was hers ❤ Please get well soon Ruth and you’ll be dancing with us again in no time ❤
IMG_2115Some of us Y2s with some of the Y4s haha. Thank you Y4s for making this concert so amazing! ❤ You managed everything from the behind the scenes work to the choreography and our batch loves you guys so incredibly much! CCA won’t be the same when you guys leave but we know you’ll be back to visit us ya ;D
IMG_1220Flowers I received yesterday! Half were from my sisters lel.
20140706_092947Yesterday went by in a blur and it was such an exhilarating and magical experience made possible by my wonderful talented brilliant CCA mates. Although the past 3 weeks were very stressful and tiring for everybody, I’m so glad that we stuck by each other and encouraged each other and that we put together an unforgettable concert ❤ Lava everyone to the moon and back ten times! :’)


2 thoughts on “Caso d’Espressione

  1. haha me was very blur the other blur beside me was hazel she couldnt get into the photo hahahaa i stil remember the rush to get into the photo but haha fail

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