Party in the USA

Hello! I haven’t blogged in forever and this post is one week late but I’ve had dance every day (except Wednesday) so yes, I’ve been really busy! (But for Soph who checks for updates every day hahahaha here you go <3)

From the end of May to mid-June, I went to US! I’d been counting down for ages! I was really ambitious too lel I brought so much work to do on the plane and ended up doing 5% of it hahaha. The plane ride there was absolutely horrendous omg it was sooo long D: But I watched my first Sherlock episode on the plane so (Y) (Y) (Y) Sherlock is wonderful ❤ We transited at Narita airport and had some ramen hurhur, then off we went to New York!

The first American food I tried was a burger ❤ Yq said we had to try Shake Shack, so that’s where we went! The beef was so good omg why can’t we have food like this in Singapore why. I also have close-ups HAHA and many more food pictures (that aren’t on my fb) so if you want to be hungry/jealous, feel free to ask me to show you ahhaha.

ImageA look at New York – concrete jungles. It’s pretty different from Singapore because the roads are perfectly aligned! The streets and avenues stretch all the way from one side to the other side so you can look right down the avenue and see the sky at the opposite end.

ImageOur hotel had rather nice breakfast (by my standards haha). There was a waffle machine!!! I want one at home too </3 There was also hot chocolate every day buhu but it’s okay there’s Milo back at home ❤ Here I am with my breakfast on the second day! If you can’t tell, my eye is swollen because a stupid insect bit my face and my arms and the bites were quite bad – I cry. They got even more swollen on the second day and it ruined so many pictures – I cry even more. On the bright side though, the hotel gave us the first night free so we saved some money that way hurhur.

ImageWe crossed the Brooklyn bridge and went to a food market thing!

ImageImageTop left: Seafood salad

Top right and bottom left: Cool sausage sandwich thing

Bottom right: Ramen burger

ImageI’m looking through my iPhoto and picking the things that catch my eye to blog about, but right now all I’m choosing is food HAHA so I hope this post won’t be 90% food. But anyway, we went to Coney Island, which is a place with an amusement park and the home of Nathan’s hotdogs! The hotdogs and the fries were both chilli cheese and it was a little salty but still really delicious and I really want some now T.T

ImageImageImageTimes Square! This place is probably one of the most iconic places in New York because of its mega big screens and the annual new year’s eve ball drop. The screens use up a lot a lot of electricity. I think the tour guide said 13% of New York’s electricity? (Or it may have been 18% :P) I don’t really understand the need for such big and bright screens throughout the day, especially if 98% of the people passing through the area already know of your brand – not very environmentally friendly is it? 😦
ImageThere are many carts selling food along the pavements, and we tried this one! The queue was really long :O
ImageChicken sandwich I think!ImageChicken over rice. It tastes 100x better than it looks.ImageTop of the Rock! We went to the top of the Rockefeller Center and had a birds eye view of New York! The other tall building in the picture is the Empire State.
ImageOn our way to Niagara Falls, we stopped at a place called Finger Lakes. Our B&B was very very pretty! Each bedroom had a different theme and it had a pond and dogs and horses and chickens. It also had tumblr worthy daisies haha.ImageImageImageImageImageImageThe breakfast was really fruity hahahaha not my favourite but oh well. I swopped the fruits for more egg and bacon huehue.

ImageNext stop: Niagara Falls! We could hear the water from quite some distance away. We walked along this to the falls itself.

ImageWe also took the Maid of the Mist to see the falls up close. The mist from the falls fell like rain haha and we got super wet.ImageImageImageImageApart from New York and Niagara Falls, we also spent two days in Washington DC. We mostly visited museums there! The skies and buildings were really pretty there! We also ate cart food there haha more chicken over rice and also a philly cheese steak! (Collage of the different museums, capitol hill and the white house because too many buildings haha.)

ImageOn the way to the outlet mall, we stopped over at The Amish Village. Basically the Amish live as apart from the rest of the world as they can (following the Bible), so they have no electricity. They go around on horses instead of cars. They physically live really near the rest of the world – just across the street – and yet they still stick to their use of propane and air compressors to power their appliances. Another difference is that their children only study up to the eighth grade and don’t go to college at all! It was a really interesting place to visit 🙂ImageSo on the way back to New York from Washington DC, we went to two outlet malls to shop! I was vvv happy to finally go to Aeropostale after looking at all the clothes on their insta hahaha. The outlet malls were both really big and we didn’t walk around the whole mall, but that was okay 🙂 We celebrated Mummy’s bday in US too! Once in SG time and once in US time hahaha. We had a free lava cake (Y) the first night and red velvet cheesecake the next night ❤ ❤ We went to this restaurant called cheesecake factory and they had sooo many kinds of cheesecakes and I wanted everything but they were pretty big so we settled on red velvet! Yumzzzz can we have this in SG please.

ImageWhen we got back to New York, we FINALLY went to Michaels!!! Michaels is an art shop in US and I’ve been dying to visit ever since I started watching YouTube videos on Michaels hauls ahahaha it was paradise ❤ I don’t have pictures in the store, but I do have videos! I really want to do a US vlog soon 😦 When I find time I will! 🙂ImageWe also walked around Central Park. It is huge lel we walked a lot a lot in US. But we also ate a lot a lot so at least it balanced out!ImageOne of the last things we did in US was visit the Statue of Liberty. We took a boat out to Liberty Island to see the statue. There was a lift inside that we could take but there was a super long queue so we walked up the stairs D:
This trip was the longest trip I’ve been on and it was really fun but really tiring too because of the excessive walking and the plane rides bleagh. It was quite an experience though, the culture is really different 🙂 I prefer Chinese food to American food because I feel American food is a bit too salty and the portions are huge. In US we tried many different cuisines haha we had Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Mexican! Food/fat fest you see. I also don’t think I’ve ever visited that many museums in two days (when we were in DC) haha but it was cool because it was free and everything was really comprehensive!

Now that we’re back in SG, I’m quite sad because three weeks of holidays gone and guess who has done no work so far hurhur. Not my fault though (EXCUSES) because I’ve been out every single day, mostly in school for dance pracs! It’s okay though my batch makes it fun ❤ Byeee just watched Sherlock while blogging huehue ❤ ❤ Gtg do some work now.


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