After Chem

Hello!! Chem TA was on Friday and I’m so so glad it’s over. My chem is really bad – I didn’t understand anything for most of the semester and only started to understand stuff like last week maybe. So yes I’m thankful that I got through the paper without too much hesitation! So now that it’s over, “after chem” is my excuse for everything πŸ™‚

After chem, I had a one-hour long FC meeting to talk about open house stuff and then I went out with Rach, Sherm, Peck and Therese to eat at Pastamania! Yumyum and then I went with Rach and Sherm to Art Friend @Bras Basah. They had to get wood for OM but I just tagged along because AFTER CHEM and any art shop is heaven on earth ❀ They had all the Sculpey clay colours *.* But I already have a lot of clay hahahaha. I actually wanted to get some resin colour pigments but they were $11.90 each and they didn’t have white and I figured I could just continue using the food colouring (thanks Dawn <3)

If you didn’t know (hehe advertising sorry), I have a crafty Youtube channel! I haven’t posted anything in a long long time because of school so I honestly dk why people are still subscribing haha. But the point of bringing up Youtube is because I really L<3VE the crafting community on Youtube! There are so many other like-minded people who love clay and resin and deco-den and rainbow loom and Rilakkuma! Most of my new crafting obsessions start from Youtube really πŸ™‚ And it’s great because when Youtubers reach a number of subscribers (like 1,000 or 10,000 or 50-freaking-thousand), most of them do giveaways and contests! Right now, one Youtuber is doing a contest and the prizes are beyond amazing πŸ™‚ I’ve never won a contest before la haha because obviously there are thousands of talented people out there, but it’s just a platform for me to explore new themes (like the contest theme) for my creations!

Yes so on Friday night I spent my time creating a Pinterest mood board to get inspiration for the contest and also started making some stuff for my entry πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for the June hols when I’ll be going to NEW YORK to see my sister and all the art shops there omg I’m so excited. I think I shall do a vlog hehehehe I CAN’T WAIT.

On Saturday morning, I made pizza! I’ve been having home economics classes in school and I really love the stuff we cook. I’ve been baking every weekend since we started hehe. Check it – stuffed cheese crust wowee but it burst hahaha.

ImageImageUsing the new coffee machine! We got this for our mum for mother’s day (Y)ImageImageSuper blurry picture but hehe mother’s day card πŸ™‚ ((Background: when I was still stu(dying) for chem GG it’s behind me now.))ImageIt was basically a very slack morning but I was still tired from (idk man) making the dough and stuff hahaha I don’t understand myself.ImageThat night, I had an extremely satisfying dinner at Tomi Sushi @Katong V!! I ate so much LOLLERS but AFTER CHEM YA(r). To make you jealous I shall elaborate on the food here: Salmon galore omg Aburi Salmon is (top left), California and Kappa Maki (top middle), Cold Tofu (top right), Kanpachi (??), Prawn and Scallop Sushi (centre left), Soft-shell crab handroll, Ebiten (tempura prawn in sushi = genius) (centre middle), Unagi Sushi (bottom left), Dessert (bottom middle), Tamago (my fav) (bottom right)

ImageClose-up of my CHOKO KEEKI (chocolate cake). This was really good too yum.

Then we went to NTUC because we had a $5 voucher to spend lol and I got more of my Apollo chocolate yum and a bag of carrots (hahahah). I ALSO MET SHU! Turns out she stays really near Katong V hoho.

Back at home, I watched New York Minute with Yq! It’s quite a fun (brainless) movie to watch πŸ™‚ Then I decided I should start (like legit start) on ting xie zomg and then I realised it wasn’t just chengyus and we actually had ciyus to learn too GG I should be studying now.

That’s about it! Β Sigh no more exams = cca = no more going home early πŸ˜₯ At least the hols are in two weeks!! Byeeee have a great (AFTER TA) week πŸ™‚



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