ORA 2014

Hey 🙂 ORA was last Saturday and it was quite fun! But vvv hot. Dance performed so we came at 6.50 for a quick practice before 80% of the CCA left for the ORA walkajogathon hahaha. We ran for a bit on the track then went out of the school compound and ran one round outside. I ran/walked with Ruth! Walkajogathon – so we walked and ran when we felt like it but haha we finished in relatively good time la and then we had to go prepare for our performance! 

We performed to Dance Without You and Cruisin’ for a Brusin’ hehe it’s a really fun dance! I think the audience really enjoyed it too (I hope x)) Cruisin’ for a Brusin’ is also the Year 1s’ concert item so pleeeease buy tickets to come watch our concert if you haven’t already done so! Check our Facebook page –> Caso d’Espressione for more details hehe thank you ❤

ImagePolaroids from after the performance!

ImageWe initially walked around as a batch but then we lost some people along the way hahaha. In the canteen iI had soya bean and I bought stickers from the track booth! We also watched people ride the Rodeo Cow/Bull (??) for a while hahahaha it was quite amusing x)



Then we went back to the comfort of the gym and took many many pictures.ImageImageImageImageImage

THEN we went to watch Shu and Shiying get dunked! Fun times hehe. It was really hot and crowded though so I left at 11-ish.

That night our CCA also went to watch SIDES 🙂

ImageYay I spent a lot of time with some of my batchies that day ❤



ImageImageImageSorry this post has so many pictures and not enough words! But it was a vv fun time and I can’t wait for concert + ORA (next next year ahahah)!!



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