Just Keep Swimming

ImageIts been a long and hard week for me! Hope next week will be better but I really don’t think it will 😦 Getting a Chem AA and a Chinese PT bleagh how great can it get.

Image This post is documents my attempts at staying positive! I hope it helps you too 🙂

ImageImageImageI haven’t had much time to read books but I recently decided to start reading “Have A Little Faith” by Mitch Albom. Not at all near done yet but it has plenty of positive messages!

ImageInternational Siblings Day was some time during the week and it was a great chance to recall all of the fond memories I have with my sisters!

ImageI love love love this picture so much because it’s so dumb and derp HAHA. I also have the hotdog version.
ImageAnd here we are just so happy and I’m so happy I can’t even stay still. I wish time would rewind so I could be this carefree again!

ImageThis is one book that I read without fail every night! Thanks for leaving it in your bookshelf YX!

ImageThis was after a particularly hard day at school and it helped me understand why certain things happened the way they did :’) Love love love this book too ❤

ImageAnd if you ever need to sleep later than usual to complete your work, prepare some coffee and snacks to help you along. I don’t like the taste of coffee (yet) so I mixed it with some Milo x) It tastes like the Kopi-O sweet! Not the best taste in the world but it works like a dream. I wasn’t even tired the next day. Music helps loads too! YQ persuaded me to buy EveryBurger but really it tastes kinda like Hello Panda and Hello Panda is nicer and cheaper haha.

ImageI also had a nice Italian dinner on Saturday night at La Pizzaiola! This is focaccia bread but it looks like pizza haha.ImageImageThis was supposed to be pasta but Idk there wasn’t any pasta??? I’m quite confused hahahaha but yeah the top is like bread and the inside is ham, potatoes and cabbage. Not bad, but I think it would be nicer if the stuff inside had a tomato base.ImageTiramisu.

ImageOf course, I had to get a lava cake. It was called “Melting Chocolate Cake” in the menu!

ImageYum yum great food!




So yep tough weeks, months and life ahead but remember all the goodness around you and be appreciative 🙂


2 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming

  1. hello yinggs(: jiayouss!!! good luck for chem PT and chinesee((: (i didnt even know we gon have:O) xP coffee is baaaad drink tea hahaa im kidding xD but really coffee is bad. whooo your dinner looks so goood(: heh <3lavacake and you so cute last time!! heheh dont be too stressed/upset/sad/stressed, and when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! only 6 weeks more to june hols!(: muahmuah lublub

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