5 Reasons Why I Loved Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas! I hope you’ve been having a great day, wherever you are in the world and whatever time it is there! 🙂 Here’s my post about Christmas this year and it is not just about Christmas Day itself but about everything Christmas-y that has been happening around me!


☃ Presents ☃

My family always waits till Christmas night to open our presents 🙂 Just opened them and came up to blog!

ImageAll the presents under the tree and a little cute teddy bear Ruth gave me (too cute so he gets to sit there amongst the pressies.)

ImageAfter opening my presents (including the ones in my stocking!). I love my presents every year so so so much! Yq bought me one Rila and Santa got me the other ❤ ❤ I got one Rila for Yq too! Hers is the Christmas series Rila! Now we have FOUR in the family ❤ ❤ And then Ging got me clothes! A really pretty blouse and cute floral shorts! My aunt got me watercolours paints and special watercolour brushes (I seriously did not know that there were different brushes for different paints omg I am a failed artist). And I also got other things like phone cases! My other aunt thought I used an iPhone 4 hahahahah so she got me a really cute princess-y iPhone 4 case x) Santa got me Samsung S3 cases and socks and goodies too! Really useful because I cracked my Molang case 😥 Dropped it a gazillion times. And then my parents ❤ ❤ got me a necklace! It’s a really pretty one with a heart charm and I wasn’t expecting it AT ALL.

THANK YOU EVERYONE + SANTA ❤ So blessed in so many ways!

☃ Stocking and Santa ☃

So apart from the presents under the Christmas tree, Santa also leaves me presents in my stocking. This year, Santa left me a note (not the first time! Last time he did, he wrote something about not being able to find my stocking and leaving the presents under the tree instead! My Santa is Cute with a capital C.).


☃ Food ☃

Generally, Christmas is associated with turkey and ham and log cake etc. etc, and I had plenty of those things in the weeks leading up to Christmas. But on Christmas Day itself, I had Roti Prata for breakfast, Prawn Mee for lunch and horfun + mee goreng + satay + rojak + sweet and sour pork + egg for dinner x) I’M SO FULL. It’s a rather different way to celebrate Christmas haha but I enjoyed the food and that’s all the matters!


Part of dinner 🙂

Of course I had Christmas food too! Mom cooked all the Christmas stuff like turkey during her gathering with her friends 🙂


And we also had western (kind of) dinner with our extended family!

Image Bwahahahaha my aunts + cousin!

Image My western food 🙂 Duck confit and Christmas ham (from the Philippines!!)

ImageLog-cake! So this was the western part. The “kind of” part was because we also had Chinese soup and tang yuans HAHA.

☃ Secret Santa with the Nincompoops ☃

So the Nincompoops are namely: Rach, Vicky, Sherm, HS, Dawn, Su, Bev, Jay and Zen! We arranged a Secret Santa gift exchange through a cool secret santa generator website, and all of us were assigned a name to prepare a present for J I can’t say who my “person” was yet, because not all the Nincompoops have gotten their gifts. So far I think only Vicky and I have! I can’t wait for all of us to present our gifts (secretly) :D. Anyway, so my Secret Santa very kindly came all the way to my house and placed the parcel at my doorstep before leaving in a jiffy so I didn’t know who she was! She also requested an opening video haha so I filmed me opening the package which was wrapped in layers of bubble wrap as well! It turned out to be scrapbooking supplies – cute puffy cupcake stickers, purple glittery alphabet stickers and many many pieces of Christmas themed scrapbook paper! I used the paper to make envelopes for my Christmas cards to the Nincompoops J THANK YOU SECRET SANTA ILY <3!


☃ Giving Back ☃

On a more serious note, I also donated money to a charitable organization for relief efforts in the Philippines after the powerful typhoon Haiyan hit them more than a month ago. I read a few articles about the aftermath in the newspapers today and was saddened by the great loss that the typhoon victims have experienced.

I quote the article – “When asked what his wish for Christmas is, he said it is for his family to be whole again “because Christmas should be a time for family.” He knows this wish will not come true, but he wishes for it anyway, every day.” This was the story of a 12 year old boy who lost 22 family members to the typhoon. Many of us simply can’t bear to imagine life without one of our family members, let alone our whole family.

Again I quote – “”This Christmas, we will have no tree, no party, no gifts, no lights. But we have sardines and some rice and we will share,” he said.” This was from a father whose family members all survived (thank God) and it touches my heart in ways I can’t describe because he is just happy that his family is alive and ABLE to share food with each other, not asking for anything more this Christmas.

The money I donated came from friends, family and friends of family who purchased my handmade clay and resin charms. I had made up my mind since the end of last year – when I received the Edusave Character award – that I would use the prize money to buy materials and make tiny art pieces that I would sell. The money that I raised would be donated to a charitable organization in the hopes of making someone else’s life a little better. Initially, I had hoped to donate to mycharitywater (google it to see their life changing efforts), but unfortunately they had stopped accepting payments from Singapore earlier this year. Then I saw a plea on television for donations for the victims of typhoon Haiyan through GlobalGiving and decided the money would be equally helpful there. Hence, I donated the money here http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/super-typhoon-haiyan-relief-fund/. If you take a look at the amount raised thus far and the amount that still needs to be raised, you will realise that the USD200 I donated is a mere drop in the ocean, but the ocean is made up of drops! (So cliché but it’s true!)

ImageMy booth during my mom’s gathering! Happy Mickey!

Thanks for reading this extremely lengthy Christmas post 🙂 I hope you had a MERRY one and remember to be thankful for what you have ❤


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Loved Christmas 2013

  1. omg you are so sweet yingz!! :’) we need more people like you on earth who give back so freely and generously 💙💙💙 hope you had a great christmas haha (this is so late but I haven’t been on WordPress for a while haha)

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