Adventure Cove and Clay Workshop (Part II)

Yq and I went to Adventure Cove today! We went really early and got to the entrance at around 9.50, so we were among the first few to enter. πŸ™‚

ImageWe went on all the rides and only had to queue for one ride because they weren’t too many people around yet! I think we covered all the rides in less than an hour! By then, the queues had started forming though. :<

ImageSo we floated leisurely along the “river” and went to play in the wave pool! The last time I went to Adventure Cove (in June if I’m not mistaken!), floats were allowed in the wave pool, but now they aren’t! Probably because the big round floats took up too much space 😦

ImageWe got bored so we ate cheese fries!

ImageCandy crush: anytime anywhere

After this, we went to the wave pool one last time and decided we had nothing else to do in Adventure Cove! It was only 1.30! (Perks of being early birds!) So we went to Chili’s πŸ˜€

ImageMore Candy Crush πŸ™‚

ImageSo much food! The service was great there πŸ™‚ The waiters and waitresses were all super friendly and offered to refill our chips haha but no thanks!

ImageI really love how chili is incorporated into everything – even the door handles! How creative πŸ™‚

ImageAnd the stand too πŸ˜€

ImageAnd omg the giant Molten Chocolate Cake! Yq heard from her friends that Chili’s has the best lava cake so I had to try it hahaha. It’s really good but we were so full from the chips so I couldn’t appreciate every mouthful of rice chocolate cake fully D:

Then we left for Vivo City πŸ™‚ We shopped a bit and skipped dinner haha because we were still too full! Then we went for the second and final part of our clay workshop (which I blogged about under Food Adventures at Vivo)!

ImageThe finished products!

ImageThis and the following are all my works πŸ™‚ Sausage bun + cucumber + cheese drizzle!ImageHamburgers πŸ™‚ The meat patty part was cool because I learnt a totally different way to texture it!
ImageSugar and rainbow sprinkle donuts πŸ™‚

ImageLastly, peach and strawberry tarts πŸ™‚

I’m so tired now haha after jumping in the wave pool and eating loads and clay! Another long day ahead of me tomorrow – Catching Fire + more shopping! πŸ˜€

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