Japan 2013

I’m finally back from Japan! During the 10 days I spent in Myoko and Tokyo, I made so so so many friends and had lots of fun (‘: There’s way too much to blog about so I shall pick the most special memories ❤


Friends from 新井中学校 (Arai Junior High School)

We went to school for two days during our stay in Myoko. The students were super duper friendly and kept initiating conversations, undeterred by my lack of understanding of their fluent Japanese. x)


From left (excluding me): マユちゃん (Mayu)、ナナちゃん (Nana)、ミクちゃん (Miku)、ナナミちゃん (Nanami)

Right now I am messaging Mayu and Miku through the wonderful app of Line ^_^ (I am also talking to my other friends from Philippines and Laos who went on this trip!) Nana also loves Rilakkuma so that was a common topic for us haha. She very kindly gave a me Rilakkuma tissue packet (Aloha Rilakkuma series!) *spazzzz* I’m not sure if it is common in Japan to have cute character tissue packets haha but if I owned them I would never ever use them. x) Nana emailed me recently :DD When I reply her I will ask for everyone else’s emails as well! Nanami is my buddy ^_^ She’s really friendly and talented – she’s in her school’s tennis club. 🙂 After we attended lessons that day, I went to take part in the art club activities (club activities = CCA) and Nanami came with me and she was great at it 😀 They have club activities E V E R Y D A Y after school! How is that even possible I really don’t know.

ImageChanced upon a Japanese keyboard :O How cool is this!

ImageLevel photo! I can’t even spot myself lololol.

ImageLeaving the school! D””:

ImageMayu, Nanami and Mio (Jasmine’s buddy!) came to the farewell party at our hostel! (Check out their cool shoes :D)

ImageWe all exchanged gifts during the party because we weren’t allowed to do it in school 😦 So I passed Nanami all the gifts for my other friends! And they wrote me letters (“: I really wasn’t expecting anything (especially not letters omg!!) so I was super touched to receive them 🙂 PLUS Nana gave me a Rila keychain ahhh can they get any nicer ❤ (The package on the right is from our host family!)

All in all, I’m really thankful for the opportunity to make friends from Japan ❤ They were really sincere about everything and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute spent with them! I hope we continue to keep in touch (in Japanese hahaha so my Japanese will improve <3)! <3333333 Any amount of hearts cannot express how grateful I am to have met them!

Homestay with the Kojima Family!

ImageThe house! Really pretty and even prettier inside ❤

ImageClaire and I shared a room 🙂

ImageDinner – Homemade tempura, soba, stew, tamago, sushi and sashimi (not pictured here)

ImageUs in Yukatas! ❤

ImageWith お母さん 🙂

ImageThey came to the farewell party too (“: They were so sweet ahhhhhh ❤

Random Activities

ImageUdon making 🙂

ImageFinally cooking it


ImageCooking sweet potatoes in the ground!

ImageIce-skating at the Olympics Museum

ImageRilakkuma gacha machines!!

ImageThis was probably one of the funnest trips ever and I am really happy that I got to know so many more people ❤

ImagePLUS look at everything I bought (*^_^*) Haul video will be up on my Youtube channel soon! (@chockytan4 on YT) From KitKat (I think I will do a KitKat review soon haha) to stickers to a P O L O R O I D camera :OOO I L<3VE JAPAN!


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