Food Adventures at Vivo

So I met Yq (my sister) at Vivo today before going to a clay workshop (!!!) at Tanjong Pagar. I went to Papermarket first by myself and got a pack of Christmas die-cut cardstock and some Christmas stickers! I also bought some Christmas scrapbook paper last week (?) and they had a 10 pieces for $10 deal for the month of October! Yup so I’m all ready to start making Christmas cards yay πŸ™‚

After that, we went to Carls Jr because Yq wanted to get the chilli cheese fries. I thought they were real chilli fries (like the spicy kind?). Then we went to buy it.


Aaaaand in my brain I was like, “Hey where’s the chilli!” Then Yq explained that chilli cheese was really a concoction of minced beef, peppers and cheese .__. BUT IT WAS AMAZING ANYWAY. It was salty (probably because of the cheese) but it was really the best fries I have ever tasted! (I really want some now.)


Yq also bought me a hazelnut Nutella cupcake from Plain Vanilla! I’ve read about it on someone else’s blog so I can’t wait to try it πŸ™‚ Maybe I will eat it tonight hehe.


Next, we went to Haagen Dazs! I had a $10 voucher from Yx (my other sister who is currently studying in New York). So we got salted caramel and green tea ice-cream with rainbow sprinkles and a waffle! The salted caramel tasted different from the last time I tried it so I’m still not sure if I remembered wrongly and got the wrong caramel flavour 😦 This one was a little to sweet for my taste but I think the waffle helped to neutralise it. Yq picked the green tea flavour and it tasted less sweet than the Matcha ice-cream we eat in Japanese restaurants. Oh well!


FINALLY, we went to the Magnum Pleasure pop-up store outside Vivo. It cost me $7 :O But Yq said the store wouldn’t stay for long so I agreed to get it.


Here’s a closeup! Basically, you get to choose three toppings, the chocolate coating and drizzle. We got some chocolate hearts, macadamia bits and gold(en) flakes for toppings, a milk chocolate coating and a dark chocolate drizzle. It was chocolate heaven haha (with a bar of vanilla ice-cream inside).

After eating so much, we left for Tanjong Pagar!

I was really excited for the clay workshop! Yq got me a Groupon voucher for the workshop in maybe August (?) so I had waited long enough for it haha. We were half an hour early but the instructor let us start first πŸ™‚ He explained that we would be using Grace resin clay, a kind of air-dry clay that I think is from Japan! It was a rather fun experience because the texture of the clay was really different from polymer clay. It was softer and smoother and picked up less dust and didn’t stick to the working surface.


Here’s what I made! Don’t judge it yet, because we still have another session to paint and assemble everything πŸ™‚ They will be turned into hotdog buns, peach and strawberry tarts, hamburgers and donuts! I’m so excited πŸ˜€


Here are Yq’s creations πŸ™‚

It was a really fun afternoon-night for me hehe because food + art = bliss ❀

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