Last School Day for 2013

Time really flies. Last day of school for the year! We spent it watching the Year 4 Farewell Concert (?) and cleaning our classroom. As Year 1s, we stood along the corridors and looked down upon the Amphitheatre. As Year 1s of class 113, we were the highest up and furthest away from the stage, so my view was obstructed by beautiful trees 🙂 Half of the concert was taken up by speeches and more speeches. The one that made the most lasting impression on me however was by the Head Prefect and she called on us to remember one thing about life – “It goes on.”

Much of this year for me was spent worrying about this and that and adjusting to the many commitments in RGS. As such, in the first half of the year, although my grades were not terribly low, I felt that I did not perform as well as many of my peers. When September came, all extra-curricular activities stopped, which meant I had loads more time at home. At that time, I didn’t think that the extra time would pull up my grades, but my EOY results proved that without stress from other areas and more concentration on my studies, I would definitely do better 🙂 I will spend less time worrying about life next year haha.

After school, my aunt came to pick me up and we had lunch together at Mezza9! Check out the menu here: It was my first time there but the food was great and the ambience was nice too 🙂


Both of us got the two course sets, which meant an appetiser and main course of our choice. Mezza9 provided choices from four different cuisines – Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Western. I got the minestrone soup and my aunt got a sashimi salad. (Not in the picture, but every table gets a warm, crispy loaf of bread too!)


I got the Mezza9 cheeseburger for my main course! It was really huge (this picture does not at all capture the size of the burger). Plus they gave me a giant portion of the minestrone soup so I was already quite full. In the end, I ate the beef patty, half the burger bun and 10% of the fries 😦 Wish I brought the rest home! (I gave the mini salad to my aunt teehee.)


So I know it was supposed to be a two-course set, but all the sets came with coffee or tea, and since I drink neither of the beverages, the waiter kindly offered me some ice-cream 😀 I finished it with some difficulty because I was already bursting.

All in all, I would highly recommend trying out the food here because it had both quality and quantity! The two-course set is available at $29 and the three-course one is available at $39. I would of course recommend the two-course set since you can still get ice-cream haha.


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